Monday, September 15, 2014

~Our family and Abigail's pics by Holly B photography~

 ~A DEAR friend paid the sitting fee for us to get our family pics and Abigail's pics taken by Holly B photography.  This is the link to her page.
Phillip went to school with Holly in MI and then he and I both went to school at G.B.S. with her, and now she's our neighbor.  =)
Since our recent family pics were the "baby bump" pics...we wanted another family pic with Abigail in it.
And since newborns are SO SPECIAL and sweet and such a miracle, and don't happen every day =)...I wanted some more shots of her by herself.
We LOVE how these turned out.
Holly did a GREAT job!!!  I would totally recommend her if you live in the Cinci area or anywhere close by.
~Noah and Elijah~
 ~Our dear Noah~
 ~Our lovable Elijah~
 ~LOVE this one of Elijah's grin~
 ~Our fun Mary~
 ~Our sweet Sarah~
 ~LOVE this one of Kimberly...if you know our Kimberly you will know that she has a contagious giggle.~
 ~All 6 of our treasures from Jesus~
 ~We LOVE these 6 children more than words can express.~
 ~Our family~
 ~Up close~
 ~Our 6 children in order.
It was pretty spooky watching Mary holding baby Abigail...but Mary LOVED getting to STAND UP and hold her. =) ~
 ~A little closer view of the kids.~
~Mommy and her sweet Abigail~
 ~Are we done taking pics yet? =) ~
~Abigail is laying on the Bible...which is opened to 1 Sam. 1:27a.
That Scripture says:
~For this Child I prayed!~
 We really did pray that if God wanted us to have a 6th child...He would see fit to bless our home with another baby.  
We didn't know His plan, but are THRILLED that He sent our Baby Abigail into our family!  =)
 ~Soooo sweet!~
~Such a sweetheart!  Soooo precious!~
 ~Babies are such a miracle from Jesus!~
~I Love every tiny detail of Abigail and Thank Jesus daily for sending her to our family!~


Emily Grace said...

Such lovely pictures!! They are so nice! Thanks so much for sharing! =) We just posted some pictures of my 4-month-old niece on our family blog. Do you all know how long you'll be in the states? Love, Emily A.

Roseanne said...

Heather, these are beautiful pictures. Abigal looks just like the other girls. She is beautiful and preciuos. I love your color choices for the pics and Holly did a fabulous job. Hope your doing well. Would love to see you all again.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Lovely pictures! I love the fun and beautiful props she had for Abigail and the colors just bring out a nice skin tone! Love and prayers, Hannah Klunder

Dorcas said...

Your family pictures and baby Abigail are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

lila said...

Very nice pics. Love all the poses. All of your children are adorable.

Daryl Hausman said...

great Job Holly! Love your colors too Heather! Soooo sweet!

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