Saturday, September 27, 2014

~Happy 4th Birthday, Mary!~

I was posting about Comargo camp sooo fast (my last post) in between helping my baby and my family, that I completely forgot to mention the HIGHLIGHT of our Comargo camp this year!!!
On Thursday night we had a good service that ended in an altar call. Then after the altar call and dismissal Phillip said to me, "Is that someone praying behind us?"
 I turned around and a young lady from our church was kneeling and praying at the pew behind us with some of her friends gathered around her. So, Phillip and I started praying with her, and a few more adults joined us...but mainly it was all the young people who gathered around and were weeping, praying, and praising Jesus!!!
She prayed for awhile and then stood with victory and we all began to sing the songs she requested.    

  God Himself settled down among us and we experienced a tad of Heaven on this earth.

There were several Hallelujah marches around the tabernacle, lots of testimonies, 3 young people got saved with their friend gathered around them praying for them, 2 or more got sanctified, lots of tears, shouting, praising Jesus, etc.
This was mainly young people and this lasted until 12:15 A.M.
It was amazing!!!
One young person wasn't in the tabernacle and when he started walking closer to it, He later said that he felt God's presence drawing Him into the tabernacle and he went straight to the altar and prayed through.
It was SO NEAT and rewarding to watch our young people minding God!
The next morning God came in a very special away again in the morning service.
 How we BLESS the Lord for the WONDERFUL SERVICES.
 Comargo camp 2014 is one that we will always remember because God HONORED US WITH HIS AWESOME PRESENCE IN AN UNFORGETTABLE WAY!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Look Who's turning 4!!!
Our Mary is turning 4 this week!
 ~Mommy's sweet Mary in her dress that she wore to the Chinese wedding that she was in in Argentina.~ (Pics taken by Holly B photography.)
~When Kimberly was a baby a Dear friend from S. D. sent her this adorable black antique baby stroller (pictured below).
Years later we had a JCPennies picture taken of Kimberly standing behind this antique baby stroller with baby Sarah inside it.  
I wanted to sort of  duplicate that picture with Mary and Abigail, but obviously baby Abigail is much smaller.
~So here are Kimberly and Sarah and the antique stroller....and
~Here are Mary and Abigail and that stroller!
(I think Mary looks a lot like Kimberly and Abigail looks a lot like Sarah when she was a baby.)~
~Mary and Abigail~
 ~So sweet!~
Happy Birthday, Mary!  
Daddy and Moma are SOOOO GLAD that Jesus saw fit to send you...our PINK SURPRISE into our home!!  
We love you tons and tons!!!  
You are a sweet little girl that brings lots of joy into our lives!
~Mommy's 2 baby girls snugglin'~



Dorcas said...

So good to hear about the great things that happened at your Camp! The pictures are adorable of your girls. So cute!! And a Happy Birthday to little Mary. Can't believe she's four years old!

lila said...

So thankful for the young people minding God!! Wow, they will never regret it. The pics are so precious!! Happy birthday to adorable sweet Mary

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