Wednesday, September 24, 2014

~Comargo Camp 2014~

Phillip and Bro. Becker leave this week for a trip to visit the Pastors and churches in Colombia.
Please Pray:
1.  For a safe trip. 
2.  For them as they teach/preach, and translate.
3.  For the Pastors and churches there in Colombia.
4.  For the kids and I here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Since our little Abigail came just 3 days after our MUCH LOVED Comargo camp, I didn't get to post pics from our wonderful camp.
So, I'm posting them now.
There ARE LOTS of pics to see (so I hope I'm not boring you =), but I wanted all these in my blog book, so here goes!
~Kimberly and Bryanna, doing some schoolwork in the morning before the service started.~
 ~Cooking.  The ladies wouldn't let me do much, and I rested a lot, but I at least got to feel like I was helping.  =) ~

 ~We love that during Comargo camp there is a morning service for the children, and then in the afternoon there is a service for the youth and activities for both the children and young people.~

 ~Sarah and friends helping with the dishes.~
 ~Natasha, Myself, and Susanna doing drinks.~

Our family loves it that not only do we get to go to Comargo camp with our dear church friends, but a BIG plus is having our FAMILY a part of our church and camp. =D ~
~Pastor giving the kids a ride.~
 ~Sarah was playing catcher during a softball game at camp, and someone threw their metal bat and it hit her in the face.  =(  It broke her sunglasses and cut her face.  It turned into quite the bruise and is still dark to this day. =(
Mrs. Tammy (the camp nurse) said that if she went to the ER they would probably put 1 stitch in it, but they would probably make more of a scar putting that one stitch in.
So, Tammy pulled it together with a butterfly bandaid, and Jesus has helped it not to scar too badly.
I felt so sorry for my Sarah! =(~

 ~Playing red rover.~

 ~Jimmy trying to prove that his stomach was bigger than my baby bump.  =) ~
 ~The Lord helped the ministry of the Quales, Bro. Spangler, and Roland Mitchell.~
 ~And Jesus helped The Flings as they worked with our children.~

 ~Their theme was "Outer Space."~

 ~And God helped the Mills as they worked with our young people~

 ~Craft time.~

 ~One thing the kids REALLY look forward to is Water balloon day on Friday.~

 ~Each day the bruise got darker...from the metal bat that hit Sarah's face while playing catcher in the softball game.~
 ~Wayne (from our church) and I were being silly and so when he got up to bat...
 I got up with him and he told everyone that I....with my 9 MONTH BABY BUMP....was going RUN in his place.  Ha! Ha!

 ~Sarah S. made a beautiful cake to wish my favorite arch friend "enemy"...Rob Ryan...a happy birthday! =)  Rob and I have picked on each other since G.B.S. college days. =) ~

 ~Natasha making LOTS of tea for camp.~
 ~Grammy always does a GREAT job cooking.  The meals at Comargo camp are DELISH...and compare to none other.  =) ~
 ~Nathan and Connie making yummy P.Butter pies for Sunday.~
 ~Laura (with a little help from me and her girls) made LOTS of yummy pies!!!~
 ~2 of our favorite ladies who work in the kitchen with us.  We ladies have LOTS of fun working together!~
 ~On Sunday afternoon Phillip came into the kitchen and helped.
Here we are in our matching "Duck Dynasty" aprons. =)~
 ~Brittany and her Dad helped too.~
 ~The men helping wash dishes.~
 ~We ladies put our money together and got a popcorn/cotton candy machine for Grammy...for alllllll she does to make such yummy meals for camp.  =) ~
 ~Mary showing her hands after she had DUG OUT THE EXHAUST out of the exhaust pipe of DJ's truck.  =) ~
 ~Our kids right before the children's program.~

 ~Noah (all the way to your left on the platform) sang a trio with 2 of his friends.~
 ~The children's program was so good.~

 ~Natasha did Mary's the cutest braid and curly bun. This is the back of Mary there in the yellow sweater.~
 ~Bryan quoting a Scripture.~
 ~The Quails playing a fun piano duet.~
 ~In one of Bro. Mitchell's sermons he teased how the last supper at campmeetings is normally left-overs, and everything is made out of ZUCCHINI!!!  =)
(He obviously has NEVER eaten one of Grammy's last suppers.  It's always yummy and fresh!!!)
But, for a joke Tara wrote out the Menu below.  =) ~
 ~The progress of Sarah's eye trying to heal ...after being hit in the face with a metal bat that someone threw while she was playing catcher of the softball game.~
 ~We are THANKFUL To Jesus that as far as we know...the metal bat didn't break the bone under Sarah's eye, nor mess up her eyeball!~

We had such a WONDERFUL Comargo camp!!!  We are so thankful that Jesus let us be here for another Comargo camp.  We had had no plans to be, but since He sent us our PRECIOUS baby Abigail...we got to be.  =)


lila said...

So thankful you got to be at camp. Very nice post!! Poor Sarah, her eye looks terrible. Glad it healed ok. Love and prayers

Daryl Hausman said...

finally after months without our computer working... I can comment! =) It was great getting to be with you all at Comargo this year. God was gracious to grace us with His sweet presence in an unusual way, and How we praise Him! Glad Sarah's eye wasn't worse and that Jesus is healing it nicely! Much Love to ya'll and glad you're still across the street from us! Laura

Keith and Crystal said...

I enjoyed the pictures and update. Your baby is just a darling - wish I could hold her.

Much love to you!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Such a good review of Camargo Camp, this is! Seeing the children who are growing up is so interesting. It makes my heart happy that Jesus helped a lot of the young people in this year's Camp Meeting. If it wasn't for these posts, Heather, I'd never get to see what's going on in each year's Camp Meeting; which would make me sad. The K. twin boys are sure growing! Mary's pictures with the stroller and Abigail are so pretty. I liked your story about Brother R. M. and the zucchini! I'm glad you showed updates of Sarah's injury from the bat. Kimberly looks so much like you in the picture where she is batting that I thought you had made a mistake putting her name under that picture, then I remembered that you had a 'baby' tummy. Duh!
I WISH I could have heard Noah and his two friends singing. Sis E. looks so pretty in the picture where she is in the kitchen working in her pink outfit and her pink apron. What a gift you all gave her! Thank goodness for somebody that is blogging their life away - that way we get to see what's going on back east! Thank you dear Heather!
Love, Mom D in Phoenix

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