Sunday, March 2, 2014

~Life is Short!~

Some years ago while we were living in Colombia, our Kimberly found a decorating blog of a lady named Michele.  Kimberly fell in love with her decorating style and also loved it that she LOVED owls, just like Kimberly.  =)  We have followed her blog for several years now.   We especially enjoyed her Christmas and Fall decor, and her crafty ideas.
Maybe a year and a half ago we were shocked to read on her blog that she was struggling with cancer!  :-( We have read about her difficult journey and have prayed for her.  In December and January our lives were very BUSY, so we didn't get to "blog hop" very much.
As you know, we just got internet here in Argentina, so Kimberly hopped on Michele's blog last night to see what she had posted, and we were VERY SADDENED to discover that she lost her battle against cancer, and passed away in Jan.  =(
I never knew Michele, but the news of her death made me weep for her family and friends.  She left a loving husband and 2 sons around 18 and 8.  =(  She wasn't much older than me.

It got me to thinking a lot about the brevity of life.  My friend Dee gave me a little monitor to bring with me where I can hear our baby's heartbeat.  =)  That little monitor is such a comfort to me.  The other day Phillip and I were listening to baby's heartbeat and of course my heartbeat was on there too.  Phillip then started listening to his own heartbeat.  When he was relaxing, his heartbeat began to slow down.  Later Phillip mentioned how vulnerable that made him feel.  Each day we go through life never even thinking one thought about our little heart inside of us working it's head off.  =)  Life is such a miracle from God that we sometimes take for granted.

You know me, I LOVE being a wife and Mommy!  I love using what I have to decorate our home, make fun tablescapes, Bake fun snacks to cheer my family's hearts....especially when we are on the mission field, etc.
 ~A fun little cake with white choc. drizzled on it that I made for our family snack the other night.~
Don't get me wrong, that is exactly what I think God wants us wives to do.  To make our home beautiful with what we have, and take special care of the family God gave us.  =)
As a wife, I want to spend time with Jesus daily, choose Joy and shine for Jesus in our home.  Life is so unpredictable and so short, that I want to make every day count for Jesus!   I want to live my life touching my family and others for God!

I  was just recently reading of one wife who was being very cranky while on vacation.  Near the end of their vacation, they stopped for lunch in a quaint little town, and happened take a walk through a park and the adjoining grave yard.  They were walking around reading tomb stones.
One especially caught her eye.  It was on a Mother's grave and said,  
"She was the Sunshine of our home!"
During lunch the "cranky wife" thought, "If I were to drop dead right now, that's the LAST thing they'd put on my grave!"  She determined right then to try to change!

As I went to bed last night, this little poem came to me about how I want my life to count while I'm still alive.

It won't matter how cute I decorated...
Nor how much stuff I collected.  =)
All that will matter is that I did ALL for GOD,
When I was above sod.
                                     ~Heather~  Arg. 2014



RicKaren said...

Beautiful post! So agree!

Roberta said...

Heather, I love to read your posts, and surely praise God with you for all His answers to prayer. It blesses my heart how He has provided you a nice house with lovely yard there in Argentina, to "home-make" in while serving Him whole-heartedly.
Glad we could talk to Natasha after the GBS choir service in Thomasville.

Making Memories 1999 said...

What a heritage for that mother to leave behind...being the sunshine of the home! That convicts and challenges me. Thank you so much for posting this thought-provoking post.

Steve N Angela Wiseman said...

Hello dear sweet friend,
I have wanted to write to you before now, but life has been a bit busy here in our home. Your post surely touches home and I think if more really grasped how thin the veil is between here and eternity really is... I think many choices would be different.
I pray daily for Jesus to help me be a better servant for HIM, my husband and our girls, our church, friends, and the world around us.
I'm a long way from where I want to be, but thank God a long way from what I once was.
He is still working on me =) and us all. Thank You Jesus.
We love and pray for y'all and appreciate your walk out loud for Jesus in this depraved generation.

So glad you have internet!!
Jesus cares about every little detail.

Please tell Kimberly we are so sorry to hear of the sad news.


It is a miracle to think how God gives us EVERY single breath we take and EVERY single beat of the heart we need to sustain life.
It is awe inspiring, yet very fearful to think of.. a Holy fear is what I'm referring too.
And may I add every step we take truly is a step of faith by the grace of an Almighty, All powerful Holy God!!

Karen Walden said...

I love to read your blog and follow you all as you serve God on the mission field. I just returned from a week in Honduras with the medical team and have a new love for missions. Praying for you all.

lila said...

Sorry you lost a blogging friend. We must handle life with prayer. Love your cake stand! I enjoy your posts my friend.Love and prayers

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