Monday, March 24, 2014

~Out of the Mouth of babes!~

Please pray!!
I have a special unspoken request!
We leave this week to go to visit the country of Uruguay to renew our Argentine visas.
Please pray that God will give us a good and safe trip.
It is a 5 hour trip one way!
(We have to go by a large ferry on the Plata River (like an ocean) for over 2 hours, which makes some of us a little nervous. ( ' ~ ' )
THANK YOU for your prayers!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~Elijah is very much a PEOPLE PERSON!  He loves to be with people!  (Hmmmm!  I WONDER WHERE he got that from?  I'm sure it couldn't be from ME...His Mommy! =)
Poor Elijah!  He has been accustomed to having Noah as a play buddy, but now Noah is working his head off doing school work and only can play on his breaks.
So, Elijah and Mary are learning to fuss play together. =)
The other day Mary was sitting on the couch looking at one of my decor or cooking magazines when Elijah asked her to PLEASE come to the garage to watch him rip-stick. (Ride his funny skateboard.)
Mary said, "No, Elijah, I don't want to, I want to look at this magazine."
Out of the clear blue sky I heard Elijah say,
"Mary, You can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENS YOU!"  =D  (I'm not sure he used that verse in context! =)

~I'm not sure what gave Elijah the idea, but NOW when he prays in family devotions he is asking God TO GIVE HIM A PET MONKEY!!! 
Mary has followed her big brother's example and is now asking God....
For a pet rabbit AND A PET TIGER!   ={
Let's hope that these are some prayers that God doesn't see fit to answer, or Ladies and Gentlemen...we'll end up with a ZOO!  =D
 ~Elijah is WORRIED that the baby I'm carrying is another GIRL!  He of course wants another BOY!
So, the other day he told Mary,
"Mary, we have too many girls in our family, so we're going to GIVE YOU AWAY!!!!"
Poor little Mary!  I QUICKLY ASSURED HER that we would NEVER give her away! =)

~These houses are more European and nearly all of them have the 2nd little "fancy toilet" called a  "bidet" (pronounced buh-day).
We had only been here a few days when someone found Mary RINSING OUT HER TOOTHBRUSH in the bidet! UGH!!!
I can see her thinking,
"This house is the BEST.  It has everything, including a "Sink" just my size!" =)
~The other day Mary was hiding behind Kimberly's chair.  A few seconds later she peeked around her chair and said, "Pook-a-bee!" 
Kimberly laughed and laughed, for she knew she was trying to say, "Peek-a-boo" but couldn't think of how to say it!  =)


Anonymous said...

ohh I can just see Mary's face and Elijah's when he told her he was going to give her away lol :) poor thing!
Love you all

lila said...

What a cute funny post. Those kids are too sweet. Will be praying about your request. The boat ride sounds fun. Love you all tons

Rob and Deanna said...

Enjoyed these "words of truth" straight from your children's hearts! ;-)

Daryl Hausman said...

praying for ya'll as you go "over the river, bounce your way through another country on a bus, hale a taxi, wade a tad in the salty waters of yet another S. American country and try to keep your sugars level even with your heart racing! HEY it makes for GREAT family talks later in life. Poor Lil Mary putting up with her "getting rid of you" brother! LOL! Natasha said just yesterday she smelled a smell that took her back to Yoshkar-Ola in a flash and she misses RU so badly. Darla's home-school teacher asked her class today if anyone had ever been to RU and she said I was waving my hand like crazy saying "YES!!!" (knowing he couldn't see her.) The Life of "Missions!" NOTHING BEATS it! Love ya'll much, Laura

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