Sunday, March 9, 2014

~Four Months and Counting!~

So Baby and I have reached a milestone.  Baby is now 4 months and GROWING!  I feel as big as a barn for 4 months, but since it's my 6th baby...I can't expect to have no baby bump.  =)
I'm very THANKFUL TO JESUS that He is helping my nausea to improve!  And He's helping me get some of my strength back too.  =)
God is helping me, and I'm doing all the cooking and working in the kitchen again.  Our Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah began doing their school work just 5 days after we arrived here in Argentina.
Praise the Lord...right when our girls needed to start school work, is when God started giving me the strength to make the meals again.  =)
The little monitor from Dee is such a comfort.  I don't think there is a more WONDERFUL sound in the world than for a Mommy to hear her unborn baby's heart beat!  Such reassurance!!!  Such a MIRACLE of God!
I'm looking for an Ob/Gyn just to have a few monthly checkups on baby and I here in Argentina before we go back to the USA.
I praise the Lord that my pregnancy is going so well!  I'm very blessed!
Thank y'all for your prayers!!
We are getting excited to meet our new family member near the end of August, Lord willing!  =)
~Baby and I...four months and counting... down by the Plata River in Buenos Aires, Aregntina!  March, 2014!~


Shawna said...

So glad to hear you and baby are doing much better. You look wonderful and always have...


Anonymous said...

You look fantastic!!!


Ellen Dickinson said...

You look beautiful, Heather. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Love to all, Aunt Ellen

Keith and Crystal said...

Uhhhhh, that is NOT a barn, Dear Friend! You should see some of my pictures when I was pregnant. :)~ LOL! You are beautiful. Happy everything is going well for you and sweet baby. :)

Daryl Hausman said...

I would say if it is a barn, it's sure the Cutest barn I ever did see!=) love ya and fun to chat last weekend! Laura

lila said...

Cute baby bump!! Glad you are feeling better.

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