Friday, March 14, 2014

~A funny short video of our little Mary!~

While we were in the States for the last few months, as you know we were on deputation for 6 of those months.
In our services we sang together as a family.  Of course we sing the SAME SONGS every service.  I'll never forget after the very first service after we got back into the van Noah said, 
"Could we please not sing those songs again?"
I laughed and said something like, "Sorry, buddy, that was the FIRST service of the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  
You/we are going to be singing those SAME SONGS for the next 6 months straight!"  =)
~We got to spend some fun days with our good friends the Gaylerd Millers.   They treated us like royalty!~
 So, in our service at the Millers church in Fordland, MO our good friend Bro. Miller took some pics and a video of us.  We knew that something funny had happened in the service, but most of our family didn't know WHY it had happened.
The next day he showed us this video and we laughed and laughed (especially our boys!)  Mary laughed too!  
(One of the reasons the video makes our family laugh is 'cause of the mischievous grin on ELIJAH'S face!)  
We are glad that Bro. Miller got this on video!  =)
ESPECIALLY KEEP YOUR EYES ON ELIJAH AND MARY!!!!  Elijah wants to play with Mary's hair and be affectionate...and she WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! =) Then later, when she decides to touch Elijah "back", something happens.
Kimberly edited this video! ENJOY!

UPDATE:  Some of you asked to see the WHOLE VERSION of this video, so here's the link!


Dorcas said...

That is too funny :o)) Thanks for sharing!!

Linda S said...

So funny to us, but poor Mary. I loved the big grin on Elijah's face after it all happened. I know he will be another Bro. Gale!!

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo great! My boys had to replay the part where she fell, a few time! We laughted, too! Nice break from school! Smiling, Hannah Klunder

Kezia Jackman said...

You may not remember me--we only met once, but I enjoy your blog so much. I just laughed and laughed and laughed to tears over this video. My little girl is a little older than Mary, so it makes it quite meaningful to me. I am just so sad you didn't post the whole song---it was so beautiful. Could you do that sometime? I've never gotten to hear your family sing/speak, so I had no idea how lovely your music is. God bless you!~Kezia Jackman

Kira said...

Oh Heather too funny , poor little Mary ! Love that grin on Elijahs face afte she fell !!

I would just LOVE to see the whole song , maybe sweet Kimberly could post it sometimeon her you tube , for i just LOVE that song and to hear your precious family sing .

I watced Kimberly's piano video's and her awesome video with Nataile ....tell her she is just awesome .

Kimberly said...

We Love!! This video ( you did share with us when you visited!) so funny and cute! I do love to hear y all sing together....
Sure do wish we could share coffee at the cool new La. Coffee cafe....or there with you in Argentina! Glad you're feeling & prayers!

Brittany said...

That is the cutest thing!! The look on Elijah's face is so priceless =) That's definitely a keeper, LOL!

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