Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~Jesus answered our Prayer for Internet!!!~

~I was too sick in the US when I was packing to think of wanting to bring along many decorations.  And when I got here I was too sick to really care.
But, one thing I did want, was another OLD looking wooden box like I had last time to put in my kitchen.
My sweetheart Phillip came in the other day with this one.   =)
So, I had fun adding the whole wheat spaghetti, hard breads and bottle of olive oil to it on the top of my fridge. =)~
Phillip and I thought that maybe I should explain why we were PRAYING for internet! It wasn't just for fun things like FB (since we don't even have FB =), but on the mission field when you are so far away from Home, internet is a way of life. It's how we pay tithe and bills, find out if we have money, find out who gave and what they gave so we can thank them, our card program we use to Thank them is using internet, send out our newsletters, make international phone calls to our mission and to check on Moma, etc.
We were PRAYING for internet for...We have some bills that are almost LATE, but every time Phillip tried to go pay them using the WIFI from the nearby restaurants, our bank wouldn't let us enter our account due to the internet being unsecured. =(  We haven't had internet for 26 days now.
I wrote a fun little poem about what Jesus did for us TODAY!!! =)

As you know we've been Needing internet for weeks now!
But each time it would RAIN, now that's Discouraging Pal!  
'Cause the company said that they couldn't put in a new cable in the rain,
So each time they would reschedule us AGAIN!  =(

WHY have we been praying for internet???
It wasn't just for fun, you can "bet."  =)
Sure we love to email and blog, it helps our hearts,
But, internet is a tool we use LOTS, it plays a huge part!

When we are in the US, we don't need internet as much,
Except to contact our Colombian friends and such!  
But, When you are a missionary so far away,
You use internet every. single. day.!

Internet is how we pay our tithe and bills,
And it's how we order our pills.
It is how Phillip writes and sends each newsletter,
But wait, oh wait, it gets better!  =)

It is our international phone
It's how we call our mission and Home!
It's how I blog so Moma and Grandma can see
Pics of our Growing Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, Mary & BABY! =)

It's how we find out who (and what they) gave,
It's how I find a recipe that I CRAVE. =)
It's how we send out each Thank you card...
So, living without internet on the field is HARD!

Our family has been begging Jesus to P.L.E.A.S.E. send us DRY SKIES!! 
 It's been DRY for days, but rained again last night...we couldn't believe our eyes!!! =(
TODAY was the day we were supposed to FINALLY get it!
And we KNEW God could help it NOT RAIN, no Not ONE LITTLE BIT!

We awoke to sunny skies, not a cloud in sight!
Thank you, God, for internet....You are GREAT!
Now we can pay bills and say Hi to our loved ones in the States!  =)
                                                                    ~Heather~  Feb. 2014 Argentina 


Emily Grace said...

Praise the Lord, for He is good! His mercies never end. They are new every morning! :) Loved the poem; thanks for blogging!
Praying for you all! ~Emily A.

Margaret said...

Rejoicing with you for ANSWERED PRAYER!! So good to hear from you again!! Love and prayers...

lila said...

Glad you now have your own internet. Very good poem and yes our God is an awesome God!!

Nicki said...


Roseanne said...

Loved the adorable wooden box. And so nifty how you decorated it. You poem was good, and I'm thankful you now have internet. We use internet every day here as well, so understand your feelings. Maybe someday you could try Facebook again. Would love so much to connect that way. I follow lots of missionaries on there, and sometimes forget for several days to come to your blog to check if you've posted.
Also BTW your baby bump is just cute. :-)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Hi Heather! I am very happy that you got your needed internet service. I wish I could get my computer fixed, so I could have an easier time using a computer. Dad's laptop is ok, but it's not like having my own computer with all the familiar things on it that I like to use. And I wish our computers didn't break down so often, so they wouldn't even have to be fixed.
How nice that you awoke to clear skies with no rain - on Tuesday internet hookup day. The poem you wrote about this was cute, as your poems always are.
It was a delight to talk with you on the phone today, and the story about Elijah telling Mary that she could do all things through Christ which strengthens her was so funny. I had a fun time laughing about it, as I related that Elijah & Mary incident to dad. That little boy is so colorful in his actions. It lets me see some of how dad must have acted when he was the size of Elijah.
I love you and your posts! Sincerely, Mom D

Tricia G. said...

YAY!!!! LOVE the box!!! :) So thankful for the answer to prayers!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Praise Jesus! So happy for you guys! I don't have much time to write, because we are heading to Sioux City
to care for Aunt Ruth, so Eileen can go with my Dad to his first hip surgery! Pray that all with go well! Thanks! Love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

Brittany said...

Yay! Thank the Lord for internet =)I love checking up on you and seeing your pics. So glad you're starting to feel better, too!

Stephen and Kezia Mills said...

God is so good!

Beth Stetler said...

I'm so thankful that the Lord has helped you to get internet!! I KNOW how frustrating it is not to have it. We appreciate you all!

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