Thursday, March 6, 2014

~The Tale of Two Photos~

~My Sweetheart and I on the train tracks in Buenos Aires, Argentina...November 2011~
I remember something Phillip said to me while we were dating.  At that time, Phillip was pastoring at Vine St. Mission in Downtown Cincinnati, OH, and I played the piano for the mission.  He mentioned that he wasn't sure what all God had for his life and life's work, but he was feeling like it just might be in THE HEART OF THE CITY!  
I NEVER DREAMED "the Heart of the CITIES" to which God would take us!  
~Phillip's first pastorate would be in Phoenix, AZ for 5 years.  
~After that, God would move us to live for nearly 7 years in Bogota, Colombia, a city of 9 million, 
~and then God would move us here to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city of 12 million!  =)  
Life with God (and Phillip) is never dull.  =D

~My Sweetheart and I (and baby bump #6 =) on the same train tracks (but facing the other direction) in Buenos Aires, Argentina...February 2014!
Buenos Aires still has lots of passenger trains that run across the city, so this track is still being used!
 As soon as Kimberly snapped this pic of us .... we heard the train whistle and had to jump off the tracks! :-D ~


Keith and Crystal said...

Beautiful!! :)

Denise said...

I love your blog design with the yellow background and roses! SO pretty! Isn't it just exciting to serve Jesus? One never knows where He will take us in this adventure called "Life"! :) Benji and I were talking about that this week and how the happiest place to be is in the center of His Will whether we are secularly employed servants or full-time Christian work servants...being content and obedient servants where He places us is the best! Love you guys!

lila said...


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