Monday, March 17, 2014

~Full Version of "Mary Falls Off!"...and Jesus sent me a Washer!!~

Thanks for your sweet and fun comments on the fun little video of Mary... I posted last post.
Some of you wanted to see the whole version of Mary's video, so my sweet Kimberly put the whole version on Youtube for you. =)
Here's the Link!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
If you have ever HAND WASHED clothes for 7 people, you'll know how HAPPY I am that Jesus gave me a washer last week!!!!!  And MANY Thanks to our friends Leo and Caro for loaning us the washer!
 Especially with being pregnant, hand washing all our clothes took energy that I NEEDED to cook meals and do other things.
With a family of 7, each time one turns around there is another load of laundry to do, so now you know WHY MY EXCITEMENT about having a washer!  =D
You can't imagine how my heart SINGS Praises to Jesus each time I put another load in and WALK AWAY...rather than spending HOURS:
~hand washing,
~hand rinsing,
~hand rinsing a second time to make sure soap is out,
~ringing each item out and then
~hanging each item to dry!
I still hang everything to dry, but Jesus has given us a nice place to do that, and one load at a time isn't that overwhelming.
So, I'm saying a BIG THANK YOU TO JESUS, (and Leo and Caro =) for my washer!!!!  =)


Kira said...

Thank you Heather and Kimberly for upoading the whole video is precious .

Praising the Lord with you that he sent you a washer to use ....for a mommy with 5 children and a 6th on the way a washer is a gift from heaven .

lila said...

Happy for you my friend. I wouldn't want to hand wash for Jim and I let alone a big family. So thankful Jesus saw the need and helped you out. Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Wow, I didn't know you were WASHING everything by hand, and while you are pregnant, too! You know, we often romanticize 'the simple life', but like my Aunt once said, "There is nothing simple about it, I live it!" Well, got to run...Love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

Dave said...

Hi Heather, Would you mind if I put the video of Mary on the Church website?
Bro Jowers

Daryl Hausman said...

ptLord! So happy for ya'll! I can still remember what a blessing having a washer was in RU!!! Even if I had to hold it to keep it from "walking clear out of the bathroom" each time it switched cycles. Bryan LOVED to "help" me... he was only a few months old then I would put him up on top of the washer and he would giggle and giggle (vibrating would be a more accurate word)while it shook him 1/2 to death and I held it! Fun Crazy Mission field memories! Love ya'll MUCH< Laura

Tara said...

What an adorable little video! Your kids have sure grown up...and that Mary is a DOLL!!!
And yay for your washer!
I shared a very condensed version of our family's journey with cancer on my blog...I am sorry to read on your last to comment to me about your Mom! I hope she's doing better. I didn't know she had faced those health issues. Prayers for her and for you as worry from afar.

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