Tuesday, October 8, 2013

~Please PRAY for Phillip~

Phillip has gone to Peru for an exploratory missions trip with Bryon Fling.
The Flings are feeling Lima, Peru on their hearts so Phillip went with Bryon to see what doors God will open. 
Then Bryon will come back home and Phillip will go on to Colombia to visit/encourage/teach our 3 churches and people there.  David Spivey will join Phillip in Colombia.
Phillip will teach some block classes to our church people in the mornings, and David will preach in the evenings.
YOUR PRAYERS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! ...For safety for the men, and God's guidance and help during their trip. 
(And the kids and I and Michele and Samuel Fling WOULDN'T MIND if you included us in your prayers as well.  =)
~Last minute shopping with Phillip before he left.~
~We invited the Flings to stay with us, so that Michele could go with me to take our men to the airport. 
I served a quick snack before we THEY went to bed...and WE STARTED PACKING for Phillip's trip.  =)   
We finished packing at 11:30 P.M. and had to get up at 2:15 A.M.  So needless to say...I'm a TAD tired today. ~
~Michele, Heather, Phillip, and Bryon.~
~Their Samuel and our Elijah are pretty good buddies.~
~Phillip and Bryon at the airport with their luggage.  (Phillip's right hand is holding his "breakfast" of an apple. =)~
THANK YOU for praying for Them and Us during these next few days.


lila said...

Praying for you all. Love you tons

Keith and Crystal said...


Daryl Hausman said...

praying MUCH! And so glad if Phillip has to be away that you're my neighbor this time so I can pray AND give hugs and have you and your family over too! (BTW, thanks for the lifesaver lunch yesterday, it was fun! =) XOXO your BIG Sis, Laura

The Dickinsons said...

Thanks for requesting prayer, Sweetheart Heather. I am praying much for you and the children! Love and miss you tons,

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