Saturday, October 12, 2013

~Deputation in LA, OH, IN, and MI!~

Phillip and Bryon were able to lead a man to the Lord in Peru yesterday.
Praise the Lord...and THANK YOU for praying!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
In July our deputation tour took us to LOUISIANA !!!   I love LA...'cause my Daddy pastored the Bible Holiness church in Ponchatoula, LA for around 4 years when I was around 13-16 or so., and I fell in LOVE with the people, the place and the FOOD!  =)
~Here's Mrs. Earlines' DELICIOUS shrimp gumbo and potato salad.  YUMMMY!!!!~
~And Hot fudge Sundays to top off the meal.  (And you wonder why those of us that travel around gain weight?!  =) ~
~Mrs. Earline and I.~
~That night when we got to church, Phillip went inside first.  When he came back out he said, "There's a really NEAT bulletin board in there you'll love to see, Heather."  Ms. Nellie had gathered LOTS of pictures of me/us and posted them on 2 different bulletin boards.  It was so NEAT to see some pics I hadn't seen for a while.~
~Ms. Cleo and Ms. Mary.~
~After church they were planning a snack.  So, I snuck over to see Ms. Nellie and snapped a picture of her beautiful fruit platter.~

~Mrs. Patty and I.~
~Ms. Nellie and yours truly.~
~Sarah, Ms. Nellie, and Kimberly.~

~The Pierponts and I. (They were filling in at the church during the time we were there.) ~

~Mr. Kendall, Mrs. Elaine and I.  They used to mow the HUGE church lawn and I would help them.~
~Mrs. Earline and her dear husband Mr. CD.~
~Then our DEAR friend Kimberly N. took time out of her busy schedule to be our TOUR GUIDE and take us to New Orleans.  Here we are eating Po Boys (like subs) for lunch.  The church surprised us and paid for our lunch that day. =) ~
~This band on the square was really good and we enjoyed stopping to hear them play for a little while. ~

~Then we spotted some Christians holding hands and praying before they went and witnessed on the square.  We waited until they were done praying and then Kimberly and I talked to them.  When they heard our stories (where we were from, missionaries, etc.) they said it was of God, and we held hands and prayed again.  =) ~
~This was such a lovely store....filled with Battenburg lace and white!~
~The 8 of us together.~
~Love the beautiful iron work on the buildings there.~

~And of course we had to get a SNOW CONE!!!  I used to work at a stand and sell those...way back when. =) ~
~Kimberly in the French Market.  Notice the REAL alligator heads on the table where she is standing. ~
~Our family at the French Market.~

~Then Kimberly took us to a place to get coffee (made partly of chickory) and Beignets.  Beignets are a special "donut."  This was so YUMMY and FUN to be together.~

~Phillip and I in New Orleans~
~Kimberly and Kimberly.  Our Kimberly is named after Kimberly N.~

~The kids LOVED being near the water.~

~Mary eating her beignet. ~

~Then that evening we were privileged to get invited to Kimberly's house and they ordered pizza for supper.  We enjoyed visiting, played some games, and......
~Played some music.~
~Both Kimberlys' play the violin.~
~Ponchatoula!!!  Lots of fun memories from that place.~
~Dear Mr. Willard from the church there has hand made several violins...and Kimberly and Sarah got to play one of them.~
 ~Then our last morning there, Ms. Nellie and Ms. Cleo took us to a fun restaurant for breakfast called "The Broken Egg."    We had such fun being with them and enjoyed yummy food.~
~Kimberly showing you she LOVED her breakfast.~

 ~And then they took us to see Lake Pontchartrain.  It was beautiful. ~
~I love the trees filled with Spanish moss and that have the branches that lay on the ground.

~We had a service at Bedford, IN.  It was great to see my good friends Marci, Melodie, and Ronna.~
~And we got the privilege of going out for breakfast with Bro. Leonard and Sis. Janet Sankey....better known to us as Dad II and Mom II.  =) ~
~Then we came back to Cinci for a few days and got to go out to SKYLINE with our DEAR family...Daryl, Laura, and family!! =) ~
~We had a service at our DEAR friends the Kemps' church.  We love Brother and Sis. Kemp tons! ~
~They surprised Sarah with a record player and one of their old records.   They still call Sarah "BABY Sarah"....for she was just that...a BABY...when we first met them! =)  [Phillip has known them nearly all his life, but Sarah was a baby when I met them.]
SARAH IS THRILLED with that record player.  She had been WANTING to save up her money to buy one.  She listens to records (That Gramp and Gram loaned to Sarah) ALL THE TIME!!  ~
~The Kemps and us.~
~Some of our last deputation services were in MI!  Phillip was born in AZ, but was raised in between AZ and MI. This was Preacher Bud's church...Phillip's relative.~

~Then we spent time with "Uncle Nate and Aunt Alberta" in Cedar Springs, MI.  We had such fun visiting, eating, (SLEEPING IN), having a bonfire and visiting a dam and getting ice cream with them.  We love them to pieces.~
~We had a service at their church in Greenville, MI on Sunday night.~
~On the way up to Grawn, MI, we grabbed this picture of the kids and lake MI.~
~We had a good service at Grawn, and spent some wonderful hours with Bro. and Sis. Dennis Johnson.
 (The Johnsons were Phillip's pastor and wife when he lived in MI.  Their son Matt, was Phillip's best friend in High School.  It was Matt that called Phillip the summer before I came to G.B.S. and told him to look ME UP when I came to school...for Matt thought that we'd make a great couple.  I OWE MY LIFE TO MATT FOR THAT PHONE CALL TO MY PHILLIP! =)
Then we left at 4:15 A.M....and drove straight H.O.M.E. on Monday morning!!!!  Our deputation was basically over and we were so HAPPY to be HOME SWEET HOME!!!
(We have 3 services left, but are enjoying baking, cooking, decorating, cleaning, homeschooling, and LIVING in our own home. =)    Our new JC Penny pics and my Fall decor coming soon.
Sis. Dennis Johnson and I. ~


Kimberly said...

loved all your pics of our fun time together!! we were blessed to have you all with shine for the Lord! (soo excited to see that Sarah got that record!) love to all!

lila said...

I know you are glad deputation is over but wow what fun things you got to do and all the fun people you reconnected with. I am glad you are home and enjoying your house. Can't wait to see pics of it. Hopefully soon we can drive up that way!! Love to all

Daryl Hausman said...

fun getting to see all of those dear friends from LA (as well as other places too! =) Glad, so glad Jesus gave ya'll traveling mercies. Praying much for your man while he's away teaching in S. America too! Love ya SO much! Laura

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