Tuesday, October 15, 2013

~It's FALL y'all!!~

~Well, My dears, I've told you that I've been having SO MUCH FUN playing house and decorating our USA home for FALL! (And I've also told you that Fall is my Favorite season.)
So, here's a little peak LONG POST of the fall decor/and our home! Enjoy!
~In our bedroom, I changed our coverlet and pillows. (The bed is a little off center due to my extra clothes rack I have on my side of the bed.=)  I like the new look of our bed.~  

~I love the "Always kiss me goodnight" burlap pillow.  I can't WAIT until my man is back to do just that! =) ~
~Here's A sneak peak of one of our NEW JCPenny pics. =)
This is on an old window in our room.  I just threw some leaves and our pic on it, and put some TP pumpkins below.~
~The old suitcases In our living room. I love this sign that says, "Oh, Give Thanks to the Lord!"~
~I've added this old door to our living room, and I love it.  I made the FALL banner at the top.  Until our family photo canvas pic came back from JCPenny (they're back now =) I hung this old family pic of Phillip's family on our door. ~

~Look at Our Noah I mean Phillip on the right!~
~In the dinning room on the shelf holding my white dishes.~
~I wanted to hang something "Fallish" here.  I saw this idea at my new friend Dorcas' house, and came home and snapped some random pics of our family, headed to Kroger and printed them off in sepia, came home and hot glued them to binders' twine and voila, I had what I wanted.~

~Elijah was sleeping on the couch when I wanted to take pics of him, so this is what I got. So sweet! =) ~
~On our old gas stove.  I love this Country bumpkin Country Pumpkin.~
~Our entry way table decor.~

~My 2 glass pumpkins that I was DELIGHTED to find when I lived in Colombia.  It was nearly the only thing Fall-ish I found the whole (almost) 7 years we were there.~
~On our stairway.~
~On the 2nd floor stairwell landing.  I just put an old chair, and this fun fall arrangement that I found for $4.00 at Goodwill.~
~I even decorated on our 3rd floor.  This is in the stairwell heading upstairs.  These are 2 specimen drawers that my Daddy (who has taught/loves earth science and biology) gave me.  And the briefcase is what Daddy carried his books in the last time he taught at Hobe Sound Bible College. (He has taught there twice.)
The Fall decor came from The Christmas Tree shops.  WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE about that store!!~
~In our living room.  This is the shelf that matches the one that my white dishes are in.  We put it in the living room.  It has a door that opens (lays down) so that is the temporary "stand" for our keyboard.  We had to leave the stand in Colombia.  Eventually, some day down the road, we want to get an electric piano or a real one. ~
~Years ago when Phillip was the pastor in AZ, I arranged (and Phillip helped me...for we do Everything together =) this arrangement.  For the last several years my Moma kept and used this for me.  It's fun to have it back. =) ~
~Above the old ice box.~

~Above my stove.  The old box, old scoop, and little lantern are all treasures from my Grandma who is now in Heaven.~
 ~In my kitchen.  The little wooden tray behind the half gallon milk jug came from Phillip's FIRST EVER trip to Colombia.  Some guy was cutting fruit on it.  Phillip nearly begged him if he could PLEASE buy it to take back to his wife.  =) ~
~On my granite-topped Singer sewing machine base.~
 ~A few weeks ago I told my Sarah that I wanted/needed a DINNER BELL.  So, I didn't have to run to all the floors and basement to call everyone to dinner.
The next day or two I found this cast iron bell in a shop and got it for a great price.  =) ~
 ~I love this sign hanging on my china cabinet.~
~My centerpiece.  A burlap table runner...~
 ~Just like they did in the olden days...I've started putting a spoon holder on our table...and it's so convenient!!  Each time we think, "Oh, we forgot a spoon," we remember that there are LOTS right there at the table. =)
 ~And my adorable candle holders that DEAR Sis. Kemp gave me back in our AZ days.~
~I even decorated in the bathroom. =) ~
~I added these 2 fun pillows to our couch.~
~While on deputation, we were at a church in S.D. and they had 2 adorable 100 year OLD church windows hanging in the front of their church.
Later over Sunday dinner I told the pastor's wife that if she had ANOTHER one of those old church windows, I'd SO BUY it from her.
She said, "Oh, we have another one just sitting in a S.S. classroom!!  =)
They being the DEAR people that they are (Love ya, Nicki) GAVE me that window.  It now is proudly hung in our living room.~
~I love off white pumpkins!~
~Mr. Jaime in Colombia wood burned this for me.  He dried a real flower to add to it too.
It is Psalm 121.  The Promise Jesus gave me when I was SO NERVOUS about moving to Colombia.~

~Love this "old box" that says "Thanksgiving" which I found at Walmart. =)
It is setting on a table that Bill McChesney's father (Bill was a young missionary from AZ who was martyred) hand made.~
~My dear "twin" Becky was going to sell this white night stand (which was missing drawer pulls) in her yard sale.  While I was at her house she asked me if I wanted it.  Of course I did.
For My Daddy taught me this! "My Name is Jimmy, I'll take what you give me!"  =D  (In other words, I'll gladly dig through your stuff you want to give me, for I just might find a treasure in it. =)
Thanks, Becky. =)
So, I placed the "nightstand" on our front porch, ran to Lowe's and bought the cute drawer pulls, and I LOVE IT!~
~Also Love this sign from The Christmas Tree Shops that says,
"The Love of Family, the Warmth of Good friends, and the Joy of celebration, for these we Thank Thee!"
~Come for a visit, sit on our front porch and stay awhile.  =) ~
~I bought a simple "D" Sticker from Hobby Lobby and added it to my real pumpkin on our front steps. ~
Thanks for "visiting" our home.  I've LOVED having you stop by!  =)
Phillip flies to Colombia tomorrow to teach classes at our 3 churches...prayers are appreciated.
God has REALLY helped them in Peru!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

I'm too tired to write ALL I'D LIKE TO on this cute and creative post. I just adore all you've done to your homey house, and you've given me so many ideas with food for thought on what I could do to decorate my little Orangewood House for Fall. It was SO NEAT to see your metal bedstead again, and all set up in your bedroom. Your bedroom looks as comfortable as a BED & BREAKFAST room. Smile. The very very best thing in your entire post was seeing the bell that you needed and bought to call your family to dinner. That will save you steps and will be a welcome sound in your family's ears at mealtime. The sepia-colored picture of Sarah looked so much like your silhouette that I wondered why you had no picture of Sarah, until you showed her picture up close and I then saw that it WAS Sarah, and not you! When I did see Sarah's face in the sepia-colored picture, it almost scared me because Sarah looks so much like the picture I have of my Grandma Sutherland Wood's, Aunt Bertha. I mean that's FIVE generations back!
I have to close, plus my dumb computer is acting up and making life hard for me, as I'm trying to comment on this wonderful post. Your talent and creativity astounds me, Heather, and I SO ENJOY it! With love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

I love it all! :) Your bedroom, the "new" window, all the pretty colors - I love them all. :D Thanks for posting the pictures so we could enjoy your fall pretties, too.


Nicki said...


Melissa said...

So pretty and I love your church window. Sure enjoy keeping up with you all.

lila said...

Wow!! Your home looks sooo nice!! I think of all the work that went into all the decorating! It is beautiful. So glad you are getting to finally spend some time there!! Praying for you all. Love you all tons

Roseanne said...

Awesome job, Heather. Looks so nice. I like the little spoon holder. what a great idea. All your fall decorations are cute and creative. Also love the tall sign on your porch. I've been wanting to make one like that too. Miss you and love ya. We need to plan getting together. Are you all going to be over this way anytime soon. I will e-m you.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you decorate and have everything so pretty for the different seasons! I don't know HOW you do it all and keep it all SOOO neat!
I wish I could do just a 100th of what you do! I seem to barely make it through the day with school, meals, & laundry! What is your secret?! Older daughters...???... lots of energy...??? :)
God bless you all!
Love, Janette Castle

Pamela said...

Oh Heather, you have such a delightful way of making your house a home. Emily and I looked at your pictures together--she's getting close to having her own home to decorate. Love that church window and the one in your bedroom. Emily liked the sepia picture banner. We love fall, too!

Brittany said...

I just love how you decorate - it's so pretty! Your house is looking so nice. These pics deserve to be published in a magazine!

Tricia G. said...

Love all the Fall touches you've placed...looks so cozy and homey!

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