Thursday, October 10, 2013

~Please pray for my grandmother~

My sweet Grandmother (my Moma's Mom...whom we call G.G.) fell and broke her hip this past Wednesday.  = (   Daddy and Moma have gone to TN to be with GG.  She's 91 and was still trying to recover from a foot surgery...and now she has broken her hip.  But, Jesus helped it to be a "clean break" and she came through surgery fine.
Please keep GG (And Moma too) in your prayers!  THANK YOU!!!
~G.G. with her flowers.  She still LOVES to garden!~
PRAISE THE LORD, I got an email saying that Phillip and Bryon arrived safely in Peru.
God has already led them to a great contact, for which we have been praying.
I would appreciate prayers as well... as I try to play "Mommy AND Daddy!"  =)
I'm taking it one day at a time...and LEANING HARD on Jesus!
SO MANY PICS (I want to post)...and SO LITTLE TIME. 


RicKaren said...

Saying a prayer for all that and you as you try to juggle it all! I know what it's like!

lila said...

So sorry to hear about sweet GG. Glad your Mom and Dad are able to be there with her. Good to hear things are going well with your hubby. So good to talk to you the other day. Love you all tons and prayers

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