Saturday, October 26, 2013

~A yummy Fall recipe and 2 new burlap table runners.~

 ~Looking for a new fall recipe to take to a gathering?  Recently we had a deputation service at Bro. Jonathan and LuRhe's E's church.  After church she served this dip.
I made it for a Ladies' night out last week and it was a hit! =)
It gives the caramel some UMPH and protein, and is yummy!

~Peanut Butter/Caramel Apple dip!~
1 container of store boughten caramel dip
About the same amount of peanut butter.
Put these 2 together in a microwavable bowl, and zap for about 30-45 seconds to make soft.
Stir together, put in a cute fallish bowl, wash and slice bunches of apples, and be prepared to share this recipe. =) ~
 So, my life has been VERY adventurous this week!
On Monday our 5 kids and I went up to my b-i-l and sis-in-law's house and I watched their 3 children while they went to the hospital to get their LATEST EDITION!  =)
For those 2 days I felt like the little old lady who lived in the shoe...she had so many kids, she didn't know what to do.  = )
Many Prayers later...and a full day of LABOR (Just ask Beth ;-), little Joshua Phillip arrived.
He's a cutie!
~And 5 becomes 6!  So Happy for y'all Michael and Beth!!!!  Congrats!
 ~(And their kids were good and Jesus helped me and I survived those 2 days just fine. =)~
 ~Our Elijah and Mary with their new cousin.~
  ~While I was watching my niece and nephews while they waited for their baby brother to be born, my poor niece got sick. =(
As you know...when you have 8 children's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to keep the germies from spreading.
So, now I have a sick Mary and Elijah. =(
Dear Aunt Laura and her kiddies sent over goodies to help our sick little kids' hearts.  Thank you bunches! =)
 ~In the bag were these yummy homemade cookies tucked in a jar topped with burlap.  =)
THANK YOU, U. Daryl, A. Laura, and kids...for the goodies! (Even though sick, Mary can still find a smile!)~
  ~Poor little sick Elijah.~
  ~At home I've been ENJOYING doing some Fall baking.  I made a couple pumpkin for our family, and one to share with Daryl and Laura and family. ~
 ~Last Saturday morning I did a RARE thing, and made "homemade" fried canned biscuit donuts. =)~
~Then this week I got inspired and wanted to add some ruffles to my burlap table runner.~ 
 ~I placed that table runner on our entry way 3 drawer chest.~

 ~My friend Janet gave me LOTS of khaki material.
So, I made the little ruffles this way!
I cut some 3" strips, folded them in half, and then measured every 1" or so, made little pleats, then sewed them on the machine.
I did the same with burlap material.~
 ~Then I made very ruffled burlap table runner with khaki ruffles for our dinning room table.  
For the outer ruffle I cut the khaki 5" wide, and then folded and pleated it every 1" or so, sewed it on the machine, and it is a 2 1/2" wide ruffle. 
The little ruffle is cut 3", folded, and pleated, making it a 1 1/2" wide ruffle.
I laid the 2 ruffles together....
Then I sewed both ruffles onto the burlap.~
 ~It was a tad time consuming, but I'm very happy with how it turned out!  =) ~
 ~And I used "chalkboard stickers" and made different spoon (and fork) jars for our table.~

 ~It's hard to see, but I used the salvage of the material for the edge of the top ruffle, to give it a more "finished look."~

So, since Elijah and Mary are Looks like we'll be staying home from church tomorrow.  =(  Prayers appreciated!
And PLEASE keep praying...Bro. David Spivey and Phillip have services all day long tomorrow in Colombia.
They have been teaching/preaching for nearly 12 days, plus traveling to the churches (10 and 24 hours away from the main church in Bogota, so they are weary and needing God's help!  THANK YOU!


lila said...

So nice you could stay with the kiddos and help Michael and Beth but sorry your kiddos are sick. Will be praying they are soon well. Your burlap runners are adorable. What a neat idea to add the ruffles. Your table and all looks so cute. Love you all tons

Daryl Hausman said...

prayin for ya'll. Love ya,
Laura and family

Keith and Crystal said...

Sorry your babies are sick. :( That is no fun! I love your table runners and your pies looked very yummy.

Hope everyone feels better soon and your hubby gets home safe. :)

RicKaren said...

So sorry about the flu bug, I know that is no fun! I do love all the burlap and the fall recipes sound/look yummy!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I love the family picture of Michael's family! Elijah holding Joshua is SO CUTE-so is adorable Mary with her warm cap. I would have liked to see the pies after they were baked. Where did you get the fall leaf cutters for the pie crust leaves on your pumpkin pies? Your ruffled table runners are so Fall-ish and Thanksgiving-ish. I love them! Are those CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies in that jar? You girls would put chocolate chips in Broccoli Soup if you could! Ha! Bless you for taking care of ALL the little & big children of the world on Oct 22 & 23! You're a hard-working mother and aunt! ( I almost spelled it 'ant', which would have meant the same thing. Ha!) I'm so sorry the little ones got sick. Just think! Phillip might get home before you collapse. So, hang in there, Miss Muffet! Love, Mom D

Roseanna said...

Your table runners are so cute. Love the holiday inspirations on your blog :)

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