Monday, September 30, 2013

~Our Mary is 3~

~Oh, HOW can it be?  Our little baby girl is now 3! 
We will be EVER SO GRATEFUL to Jesus for sending us our Surprise Mary!  She has brought untold JOY into our home!  We LOVE our little Mary!  She is SUCH a girly girl!

So we had a birthday party for our little Mary.  The Girly colors Pink and White pretty much took over our dinning room.  =)
I had SO. MUCH. FUN. arranging the centerpiece and doing her party!~
~Lots of pink and white sweet treats for everyone to munch on.~
~Back in 2009 I had found this FUN white and pink tea set at my Mother-in-Love's goodwill in AZ.  I planned Mary's party around that tea set.
Here is the drink table.  I served Twinings Wild berries tea which I made into Sweetened Iced tea, pink lemonade, and hot coffee with some yummy creamers.~
~Of course I included Mary's new born pics as part of the decor.  Sarah, Kimberly, and I couldn't believe how LITTLE Mary was...and how big she is getting!~
~Our friend Janie took this pic of Mary when she was 11 days old.~
~Her cupcakes, with more sweet treats and pink and white stripped drinking straws.~

~Fruit kabobs.~
~I LOVED this frame when I saw it in Hobby Lobby before Mary was born.
"My Prince did come, his name is Daddy!" (This is Mary's hospital picture.) ~
~Kimberly and Sarah helped me and we made Cake Cookie pops.  (I just made Oreo Truffles and made them into cake pops by adding the stick.  You can go here to read all the exact details of how I did it.)
The girls decorated them.  They had fun making them cute and said that some of them looked like something from "Dr. Suess."  =D
What I LOVED about these is that I made and DECORATED them 4 days ahead and stored them in Tupperware in my 'fridge.  Then put them out 2 hours before the party began. 
Made the last minute party prep SO MUCH EASIER!!! ~

~You can click on pics to enlarge.~

~Little Mary LOVED her table.  When her cousin Natasha came in, she pointed to the table and said, "Look, 'Tasha, it's my birthday!"  =) ~

~There were 21 of us at Mary's party.~
~I served fruit kabobs, Dorritos, Pretzels, my homemade pepperoni rolls, and a sauce to dip them in~
~Our friends the Doug Hoffman's spent that weekend with us.  And of course U. Daryl, and Laura and their family came over to help us celebrate Mary.~
~Brittany, Heather, Laura, and Kimberly in the kitchen.~
~Nathan and Brandon visiting in the living room.~
~Jeffrey and Natasha.~
~Mary enjoying her party~
~Regina, Sarah, and Darla.~
~U. Daryl's gift to Mary was a pack of M&M's! (He told her to make sure and give HIM the same kind of gift for His birthday. =) ~
~Heather, Laura, and Kim.~
~The little boys playing a game,
and little Mary starting to wear out.
~G.O.N.E. =) ~
~Her table with her gifts.~
~Her little dress she was wearing was purchased from the birthday money that her Grandpa and Grandma sent her for her birthday.  I loved the big pink buttons and the OWL on the dress.~
~Opening gifts the next morning.~

~After church on Sunday I went to snap some pics of her.  I told her to make sure you could see her purse...and this is how she posed for me.  =) ~

~Then dear Tammy from church made a yummy pumpkin roll for Mary's birthday.  ~
~So, we put candles in it and sang to her.~


Keith and Crystal said...

What a fun, girly birthday. :) Happy Birthday, Mary!!

lila said...

What an adorable birthday!!!! Mary is darling!! Everything looked wonderful!! Tell her we said Happy Birthday!! These babies grow up way too fast. Love the post and all the pics. Love you all

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What CUTE & ELEGANT birthday decor with that cute birthday dress to match! This birthday party looked like it was a nice time of visiting together. And Mary had so much excitement of waiting for and celebrating the big event that she actually conked out and went to sleep. Her 'Kitchen Aid' mixer is so cute it brought a gasp to my mouth. The picture of Mary at the top of your blog is adorable. She came up with such a sweet pose. Love, Mom D

Kira said...

Happy 3rd birthday Mary !!! Love her dress and little bag , what a dolly !!!

Daryl Hausman said...

Happy Birthday to U. Daryl and A. Laura's "Lil Princess"!!!! Loved getting to be at your pretty party! Love you MUCH and BUNCHES and LOTS And GOBS.... the Hausman's

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