Monday, October 28, 2013

~Our JCPenny family pics!~

A few weeks ago, I scheduled for our family to go to JCPenny for pictures.  While on the mission field, we normally take pictures outside, so I wanted a studio picture this time.
I accidentally scheduled our appointment at a JCPenny that is not in a mall, so I had my fears that they might not have as much experience/photo shoots as a JCP in a mall.  I prayed that Jesus would help them to do a good job.
On the day of our appointment when we got there they weren't very friendly, and then I heard one whisper to another lady, "But there's 7 of them."  
I thought, "Oh, No!  Do they not know what to do with 7 people in a picture?"  
I kindly asked that lady, "Are we stressing you out?"  She replied that we weren't.
I thought to myself, "Good, I'm glad you are not stressed, because I surely did NOT want to waste our money or our groupon coupon if you didn't know what to do with 7 of us." =) (I found out later she was saying that there were 7 of us because she only gets 35 shots per photo session and she was trying to divide all the pics we wanted among that 35.)
Jesus helped them and JCPenny did a GREAT job.  I'm glad we chose the colors minty/aqua and choral.  I was afraid they would be too springy, but with the brown background they are fallish like I wanted.  I'm very HAPPY with our pictures.  Enjoy!
 ~Our Sweet Kimberly~
 ~Our dear Sarah.~
 ~Can't believe our Noah is getting so big.~
 ~Love that little grin.~
 ~Our little Mary in Mommy's childhood rocking chair.~
 ~Mary with Kimberly's antique baby stroller she got when she was a baby.
Love this little girl!~
 ~My sweetheart and I!!~
 ~Wow!  What a couple! =) ~
 ~Love that man!~
 ~All because WE fell in Love!!!~
 ~And we got a large canvas of the above picture and it is hanging on the old door in our living room.~

  ~Our family!  Love Mary's cute little grin in this pic.
My Elijah and Mary are still sick.  I'm praying that none of the rest of us get it, so we can be ready for Daddy to get back later on this week!!  THANK YOU for your prayers!
He and Bro. David could use special prayer as they travel tomorrow.


Keith and Crystal said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I love your hair - now you need to send me pics (LOL)

Sorry your babies are still sick. :(

Will keep praying...

Emily Grace said...

Beautiful pictures! I so enjoyed seeing them!
Praying for you all - Emily A.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

These pictures of your family turned out beautiful! You're right, the coral and turquoise with the brown made for a gorgeous color combination for Fall. I am SORRY your children are sick. (!!) I like Phillip's brown suit, it looks really nice. Your girls are beautiful but I've got to admit, your boys are adorable! Your hair looks so pretty here, Heather. You got an excellent 'do' on it. I can't wait until Phillip gets home to his sweet wife and family! Love, Mom D

Charity said...

They did do a wonderful job!! Great pictures! I love the colors you all are wearing as well as all your fun props!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! :)

lila said...

Great pics of a wonderful family. The color combination is beautiful. Love you all tons

Brittany said...

These turned out GREAT! I LOVE the colors you put together, and the fun props, too. They're beautiful! Love the canvas, too - what a cute idea!

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