Thursday, October 31, 2013

~Fun fall table scape, Brittany's concert, & Daddy and Moma come for a visit.~

~The 2nd Sunday that Phillip was gone, I invited Daryl and Laura and their family, and Jeffrey, and my Daddy and Moma over for Sunday dinner.
I had a lot of F.U.N. setting my table all Fall-ish!  Since we were going to be out late on Saturday night due to Brittany's concert, I set the table way early and snapped some pics before we walked out the door.~

~Part of my centerpiece.~

~The Saturday night before my niece Brittany, who plays in the Cincinnati Community orchestra, had their first concert.  So, my Parents, Daryl, Laura, and family, the Kennedy's, Miss Linda, and our family went to Brittany's concert.  It was beautiful and Brittany did a great job.  (Of course, our eyes only saw her.  =) ~
~Brittany is the 3rd violin player.  She's sitting in the middle of the picture.~
~I leaned and took this picture of Gram holding Mary.~
~L to R: Brittany, Kiana, Sarah, and Kimberly.~
~One Happy Daddy and his little girl.  =) ~
~My Mary looking at the program.
There were 2 guests players who played a beautiful duet.
One of them is sitting in the pew across the aisle from Mary with a gray sweater on.~
~Brittany and Gram.
I was SO GLAD that my sweet Daddy and Moma could come to Brittany's concert.  We all went out after the concert to Steak and Shake to CELEBRATE Brittany.  =) ~
~Aunt Nesi from church told me the other day that my Sarah reminds her so much of Brittany.  =) ~

~Happy Birthday, Britt.  We love you tons.  You are a beautiful person inside and out.  =) ~
~And then on Sunday we ate dinner at our house.
We had SO M.U.C.H. FUN being together....just were SAD that my man couldn't be here for the occasion.  =(  
BUT....The Lord willing, Phillip comes home to us TONIGHT!!!!  AND WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! =) ~


Stephanie Lynn Burley said...

Love your fall table décor!

Daryl Hausman said...

soooo fun getting to be together this time and thanks for helping us celebrate Brittany "In style"! Love ya so much, Laura
P.S. Praising Jesus your man made it back to ya'll safely!

RicKaren said...

I know how glad you will be to have your hubby home! Love the fall table!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Your decorated table is beautiful; as are the people adorning it! Those red leaves in the tall brown pitcher are so pretty! It is delightful seeing your mingled families enjoying each other while you're in the States. Are your brown plates & dishes real (not paper)? Yours? Mary's cap is so cute on her. Your family will have memories for years to come of all these neat gatherings. It's special that Brittany gets to play in the CCO, as the 3rd violin player! I'm glad you all are getting to spend some time with your Moma & Daddy. God is good! Love, Mom D

Denise said...

Is our sweet Brittany the youngest player in the CCO? So proud of her. So, I am thinking it was her 13th Birthday that we celebrated their first fall in OH? When I set up a birthday party in DJ's trunk and we celebrated her birthday and two others (because Laura had no oven and you were in Columbia and knew Aunt Nesi would love to help make a happy birthday :) )? Your tablescape is so pretty and like your dear m-i-l said, the family around it are it's most beautiful adornment!

lila said...

Your table is beautiful! What a nice family get together. So happy your parents could be there. We enjoyed having them last week-end. Love to all

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