Tuesday, November 5, 2013

~Phillip is HOME, and some more Fall decor!!!~

YEA!!!!! We are SOOOO HAPPY to have Him home!  Thank you, Dear Jesus, for bringing my sweetheart/husband/best friend back home safely to me!!!  =)
THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!  God really helped, and gave Phillip a wonderful trip!!!
 ~Since Elijah and Mary were still recovering from being sick, Kimberly watched them, and Sarah, Noah, and I went to the airport to pick up Phillip.
As I was heading out the door, Laura called and said that Daryl would drive us.  You see Phillip arrived just before midnight on Halloween night.
How GRATEFUL I was that Daryl drove... for it was a stormy, rainy, and windy night out there. (I was so HAPPY to see Phillip at the airport and we were so busy talking, listening to announcements about where to get his luggage, etc. that I COMPLETELY FORGOT to snap a picture of HIM that night. =( ~
~For 2 years I have sat in Colombia and Argentina and looked at Pinterest and people's blogs here in the USA and have been DYING to do some crafts.
I had no Goodwill there, couldn't find chalkboard paint, nor burlap either.  So, NOW...I'm making up for LOST TIME.  =)  I got this frame at Goodwill. ~
~Then I painted over the picture with chalkboard paint.  I left the frame gold, for we've seen LOTS of gold in Better Homes and Gardens recently, and it stands out better against my white wall.
I got the chalkboard done and wrote, "WELCOME HOME!" right before I went out the door to pick Phillip up from the airport. =)~
~Then I took a picture out of this frame, and strung binders' twine across and tied it around thumb tacs that we hammered in the back of this frame to make a "THANKFUL BOARD!!"~
~Then I placed it in my hallway on a chair, 
So that ALL my family Could reach it there!  
(Yes, I meant to write that little poem. =) ~
~I placed markers, tiny clothes pins, and little fall colored papers below in a LID of an old metal box.
Each day of the month of November our family writes what they are thankful for on a little piece of paper and attaches it with a tiny clothes pin to the strings on the frame. We let Mary and Elijah draw pictures of what they are thankful for.  ~
~It's only November 5th, but Our board is filling up fast! =) ~
~The morning after Phillip woke up, I served hash browns, eggs with cheese, donuts, and Kimberly's pumpkin Pie Latte for breakfast.~

~Recently we were driving down the road and I was seeing ALL THE BEAUTIFUL Fall Leaves/ and berries.  So I asked my sweetheart if he would PLEASE stop and get me some.  He did and I came home and found my white pitchers to put them in.~
~Fun red berries, in my white pitcher, on an old leather covered chair, with a fun slate from South Dakota on which I wrote, "AUTUMN!" ~
 ~Kimberly made a "pumpkin" using her silver slinky.  She just pulled it together, taped it in the back, and added a stick.  =)  I thought it was so cute!~

 ~And Sarah thought of adding some sticks to the orange balls sitting on Kimberly's dresser to make "pumpkins."~

~The other day when I was making my burlap ruffled table runner, I went on line to see how to ruffle burlap.
Up popped this picture of this ADORABLE burlap pillow with 2 ruffles down the front.  I knew I just HAD to make it.
Sooo...Jesus, Kimberly, and I put our heads together (OK, so JESUS DID NOT need Kimberly and I...but we SURELY NEEDED His help! =) and I now have my finished burlap pillow with 2 ruffles on my entry way bench!!!!
It was a tad complicated to figure out how much material I needed and what size ruffles, etc. but we got 'r done!
So, if anyone is interested in making a pillow like I did, leave me a comment, and I'll post the details of how I did it, so you won't have to figure out much.  =) ~
~And Here's a cup of Kimberly's Pumpkin Pie Latte that she made for us to enjoy the other day on my old bench with my new pillow.  =)  Kimberly told me that it wasn't Fall until she made and enjoyed some Pumpkin Pie Latte...a recipe that we found on line when we were in Argentina. 
Here's the Link!~
Yes!!!  I'm having SO MUCH fun playing Wife, Mommy, and decorator in our USA home.  
I'm enjoying our Fall decor...and I can't wait to decorate for Christmas too!  =)


Brittany said...

You really are making up for lost time! ;) I'm so enjoying watching all your crafty posts, and seeing how you're fixing up your house - you have the cutest ideas!

lila said...

Love, love, love your crafty ideas. It is all so beautiful!!! So glad your honey is home!! Happy Birthday Sweet Heather!!! LOve you tons

RicKaren said...

I especially like your thankfulness board. It's fun seeing all your projects!

Daryl Hausman said...

I'm just glad your my neighbor;) Love you and looking forward to our Sister's Day tomorrow to celebrate your Birthday! Love, Laura

Linda S said...

Happy Birthday!!

Emily Grace said...

Happy Birthday, Sis. Dickinson!!
I hope it was wonderful!
Happy Thankful month! =)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Bless dear ol' Daryl's bony heart for taking you to pick up Phillip on a dark, stormy, rainy, Halloween midnight in that freeway-riddled city! You looked really cute in your red & white outfit, Noah looked cute with his cock-eyed smile, and Sarah looked cute because she's Ruh-Ruh. I love those tiny orange balls in the little white pitcher. Your nicely-made oval chalkboard from that older picture was a novel idea. Your 'Thankful board' is a beautiful concept besides being a cute craft for Thanksgiving. Little blue-eyed Miss Muffet is ready for breakfast! Seeing your cheery Fall breakfast setting for Phillip's first breakfast at home, after him being gone for those many days, probably made him feel like 'King for a Day' and that he was pretty special. You keep treating him like that and he might be tempted to give up his missionary trips. (Just joking!) Your red leaves, berries, assorted-types of pumpkins, CUTE burlap pillows, and mustached mug filled with Pumpkin Pie Latte is a fun potpourri of Fall decor. I am finding out I don't even have to decorate for Fall/Thanksgiving, as I can just be a bump on a log (computer chair)and enjoy all of your busy fun-filled ideas and charms. I'm a lucky woman! Love, Mom D

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