Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~Thursday of our revival~

Well, the visiting pastors (and their families) have all gone home, but we are still rejoicing in the wonders that Jesus did in the revival last week!!  THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
~When the pastors are all here I normally invite them and their families all over to our house and I make a meal.
I wanted to have everyone over this time, but felt too tired "with all I have on my plate" to cook.
I asked Phillip if I could "cheat" this time and just buy the food.
So, on Thursday the 3 Colombian pastors and their families came over to visit and eat with Bro. Eisenhart and Bro. Becker and our family.  There were 24 of us in our small house.  =) ~
~2 of Bro. Alberto and Sis. Abla's children...Jhohan, and Natay are on the couch.
We had a nice time laughing together...~
~Taking pictures together....~
~Visiting together....and lots more.~
~Saying Thanks to each other....(The blouse that I'm wearing....Sis. Alba had made and brought to me (and she had made my skirt earlier. =)~
~Us 4 pastor's wives!~
~After I invited everyone over for that day, I found out that that was Bro. Rigo's birthday.
So, Phillip bought these 2 yummy cakes so we could celebrate his birthday.~
~Maria Paola and Ilce from Cartagena, and Natalie from Bogota.~
~Lots of yummy pizza (and I made a huge salad to go with it).
Some of them had never eaten pizza in their lives!!  So they were thrilled that we bought pizza.  =D ~
~Here they serve their pizza slices on these nice little card board triangles that bend on the 2 sides.  It's a nice way to hold your pizza while you are eating it.  Bro. Eisenhart thought that they were neat.~
~Bro. Becker and Bro. Eisenhart.
Our family and everyone here LOVED having these 2 men with us for the week.  The Lord used them and they were a real BLESSING!! They LOVE our Colombia people too, and that means A LOT to us!!~
~Sis. Alba and Bro. Alberto from Medellin.~
~Happy Birthday, Bro. Rigo.  Since we didn't know how old he was we used a "?" b-day candle =D.~
~Lots of happy girls in pink and purple.~
~Yummy 3 milk cake and ice cream.~
~The Pastors.~
~Us pastors' wives. (These are some DEAR ladies and our family loves them and their husbands and families to pieces.)~
~Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and their girls.~
~Bro. Becker and Bro. Eisenhart.~
~Like I said above, we had a great time laughing, talking, showing pictures, eating, etc. but then the Presence of the Lord settled down upon us and we wept, prayed, sang, and cried together.
It was a very SPECIAL time together.  Bro. Becker and Bro. Eisenhart and Phillip and I assured the Colombian pastors and their wives of our love and that even though God was calling our family to move to work in other parts now, we were NOT leaving them alone.  We plan to travel back and forth and work with them for years to come!!~
~Bro. Rigoberto and Sis. Ilce and their family from Cartagena.~
~Then we HURRIED and got all ready and went to church.
Little did we know what God had in store for us that night.~
~Little Mary had had no nap, so fell asleep on Bro. Becker's shoulder.  (Just for the record: Bro. Becker was not texting in church...he was reading his Bible on his cellphone. =) ~
~The Lord REALLY helped Bro. Eisenhart preach.  Bro. Jimmy said it was one of the best sermons he has ever heard.
There weren't too many dry eyes in the crowd, and there were LOTS of people who came forward to pray.  God worked in many lives.
3 ladies from the beauty salon next door were listening in through the bars in the back of the church until their work closed, than they all came into the church.  2 of them came forward and got saved.  Praise the Lord!!!~
~Silly Elijah, and Silly Noah wearing the shirts Sis. Alba made them, and little Mary wearing the new jean skirt Sis. Alba made her.
More pics of the weekend of our Revival to come.~
Yesterday I spent some hours counseling a lady, then later in the day we started sorting, packing up bags to give away, cleaning, etc.
Yesterday I gave away lots of my decorating/kitchen things, and plan to give away more today.
Please keep praying as we sort, sell, pack, etc. and for our children who are working HARD at finishing their schoolwork.  Thanks!   
Praise the Lord, He provided the money for us to get our tickets to fly home.
Lord willing, We fly home to the USA in March to start deputation, and after deputation back to Argentina, the Lord willing, as well as continuing to make trips into Colombia as needed. 


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. Thank the Lord for His amazing spirit. So thankful He is so faithful to hearts! Thanks for sharing during your busy schedule! Hugs, Carla

RicKaren said...

What a great report! Sooo happy to hear it!

mmsbryan said...

It was so good to catch up with you busy and eventful week. Why is it that everytime I read your blog I feel I NEED A NAP! Only God can give you the strenth that you will need these next few weeks. So glad for the good report of God's moving in your services. Love, Moma

lila said...

What a great post!! So glad you had good results from the revival. I know your company was treated like Kings. I hope you can get a little rest. Love you tons

Jorge Ramiro said...

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