Thursday, January 24, 2013

~The last of the pics from our Revival~

This morning in family devotions  (after just singing the song, "Read your Bible, Pray every day...AND you'll grow, Grow, GROW!")
Little Elijah prayed, "Oh, Lord, you know that I'm STILL SHORT, cause I don't even have a Bible!"
Bless his heart, He thought that he wasn't very tall 'cause he doesn't have a Bible.  =)
I think we'll have to buy him an English Bible when we get back to the USA. =D
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
 ~This was Friday morning.  Here we were eating My/Kimberly's brunch of homemade biscuits, gravy, bacon, scrambled eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice, and coffee~
~Here's Bro. Becker taking a picture of little Mary in her outfit from him and Sis. Becker.~

~Then we all got ready and rushed to the church where Bro. Becker taught the class to the pastors (and others) that afternoon.~

~And here I am in the back of the class listening/blogging so that y'all pray-ers would have an update.~
~The Lord helped Bro. Eisenhart preach Friday night.  (I actually got mixed up in my last post.  Friday night (instead of Thursday night) was the night that Jesus REALLY came in a special way!~
~Then on Saturday afternoon, Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly had all of us over to their house for yummy Skyline chili.~
~We had a really yummy meal, and a wonderful time visiting and laughing together.~
~Then they gave Bro. Becker and Bro. Eisenhart nice gifts to take back to their wives.~
~Saturday night God helped Bro. Becker preach.~
~This was the Sunday morning crowd.~

~Bro. Eisenhart preached a wonderful sermon on Heaven.~
~Then Bro. Alberto and Sis. Alba on your left...and...~
~Bro. Rigoberto and Sis. Ilce on your right, were ordained (or something. =) ~

~The parents asked if all the children could come forward for Bro. Eisnhart to pray for them.  He said that the Lord willing, He hopes that all the cries of the babies will one day turn into PRAISES TO GOD!~
~Bro. Becker, Bro. Eisenhart, Bro. Jimmy, and Sis. Farly, and of course, our Elijah. =) ~

~Phillip, Bro. Becker, and Bro. Eisenhart, with one of the ladies (and her daughters) that got saved from the Beauty Salon next door.~
~Bro. Becker and Bro. Rigo and Sis. Ilce and their daughters, and Bro. Eisenhart.~
~Natalie and Heather Sofia.~
~All of the pastors and us wives and Bro. Becker and Bro. Eisenhart.~
~Adrian and Joel gave Noah and Elijah some gifts.~
~Here I am translating for Bro. Alberto telling Bro. Eisenhart goodbye and Thank you!!~
~Phillip translating from Bro. Rigo telling Bro. Becker goodbye and Thank you!!~
~A bunch of us.~
~L to R: Phillip, Bro. Rigo, Bro. Eisenhart, Bro. Alberto, Bro. Jimmy, and Bro. Becker.~
~Esther, Mary, and Sis. Ilce.~
~Then we came home and I rolled out my French bread, and then made my french bread snack, homemade papaya juice, and served a fresh fruit cup that Sis. Farly gave us, and packed 2 suitcases.~
~Then early Monday morning Phillip took Bro. E. and Bro. B. to the airport and they flew back home.  (They were a HUGE blessing to us and our people...And they even were able to HELP US by taking back 2 suitcases.  =)
Later in the evening, Phillip and some of our children ran and took some goodies/gifts to Bro. Rigo and his family and told them goodbye.  (Kimberly and I were taking down the rest of our Christmas decor, and cleaning up the house.)
Then on Tuesday morning, we took Bro. Alberto and his family out for breakfast before they left to go home.  Here's Silly Phillip (wearing Jhohan's glasses) and Jhohan.~
~Jhohan, Natay, and Kimberly.~
~Phillip, Mary, and I, and Sis. Alba, and Bro. Alberto, Emanuel and Noah.~
~Noah and Emanuel saying goodbye.~
A BIG THANK YOU to those who prayed.  We are still Thanking Jesus for all He did this past week!!


mmsbryan said...

I enjoyed the post. The picture of Mommy's little boys is so sweet, reminds me of the days when this Moma had two "little" boys. Nothing sweeter. I loved Mary's little jumper it reminds me of the kind I made for her Mommy. The last goodbye picture made me sad, I am living for the day when there will be no more goodbyes. I am rejoicing for God's blessings in the meeting. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL post!! ~Carla~

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