Friday, January 11, 2013

~Fun Food Friday...and an update!~

I'm RUNNING 90 to nothing now-a-days. 
Sorting, packing up to give away,
packing up (to send some suitcases back with Bro. Eisenhart and Bro. Becker who are flying into Bogota this Monday to do a week of revival/teaching services here this next week),
doing LOTS OF SCHOOL with Sarah and Noah, etc.
And, Since we will be sorting EVERYTHING in our house, and packing up, and going back to the USA to TRAVEL on deputation, (Not too mention TONS of other things we have to/want to do before we leave Colombia) I probably won't be doing too many more "Fun Food Friday" posts for the next several months. (I probably won't have too much extra time to do fun baking.  =)
If I get a chance to post a new yummy recipe every now and then, I'll try to.  But, for now...Here's one last recipe for you to enjoy.
~Mocha Latte!~ (obviously, I didn't add the optional whiskey. =)
~On Jan. 3rd, our kids and I weren't really ready to start school again, BUT we knew that if we want to get LOTS done before we go back to the USA for deputation, we had to get B.U.S.Y!
I normally do a fun meal and table, but this time I was too tired to think of doing much....UNTIL...Noah said, "Mommy, are you going to make a fun table like you normally do for our first day back to school?"
My heart melted and I knew I HAD to do something, so I quickly threw this table together. =D~
~Jesus is helping the kids (and I) and we are getting LOTS of school work done each day. ~
 ~These 2 children (who just woke up) wanted in my picture of my table. =)~

~Edgar snapped this fun picture after church on Sunday of Pastor Jimmy and his wife and girls, his sister Judy and her family, and his parents and us.~
~Sunday afternoon we invited Edgar, Joanna, and Heather Sofia over to eat with us.  (Phillip had purchased tamales on Saturday to warm up on Sunday for our easy yummy lunch. =)
I forgot to get a picture of us eating, but here's a picture of Edgar, Phillip, and I working on our 1,500 piece winter scene puzzle. Before Edgar left we got the whole edge put together, plus other parts put together.
Anyone want to come and help us finish it? ;-) ~
~Noah put up the train, and Heather Sofia got in the middle of the track and would turn around and around and watch the train.  =) ~
~Heather Sofia and Mary (all ready for bed in her little pink snowman "Children's place" nightgown that Jesus helped me to find for $5.00 back in November!!!! YEA!  Normally there aren't nightgowns here for little girls.  But I happened to see this one in a store that must get used clothes from the USA and then sells them for cheap.=) ~
Jesus just sent in my Jan. Better Homes and Gardens...YEA!
Now I'm off to get LOTS done today, Lord willing.


Emily Grace said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog!
We will really be praying for you all as you have to get so much done!! Please tell Kimberly "Happy Birthday on Sunday!" for me. :)

Daryl Hausman said...

I'll COME!!! (though i probably wouldn't be to much help with a puzzle! :)
Wish I could just fly down and help you all pack! Love you all tons~ nh

CrazieChrisa said...

I posted a blog post:) Mary and Heather Sofia are gorgeous!!!

RicKaren said...

Sounds like you are about as busy as me these days! I really enjoy keeping up with you though--you will be in my prayers with all you have to do in the coming days.

mmsbryan said...

Oh, how I remember the energy that you four gave this Moma . . . when it seemed I could do no more. Just to inform you, that energy keeps coming in the next generation for I have worked all evening taking down Christmas and getting ready for my "little man", now all grown up and his son, Grant to come in tomorrow afternoon for the weekend. A Moma's heart keeps beating for her kids until there is no more life.
Your back to school table is so fun and I am sure was a real inspiration to "your students." I loved the snowman blackboard. I remember it was not hard getting up early and making a fire in the fireplace and laying out clothes around the hearth so that the four of you could dress in a warm cheery place for school, and a hot breakfast for their Daddy who was also their pastor and pricipal. I knew the days were hard and heavy at times for that principal and his students, so to make those days brighter was my goal.
praying that God will give you the energy that you so need these next few weeks. I love you, Moma

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
That's so cool that you are coming back to the US, soon! I hope we get a chance to see you all! I know you are more then welcome to come to our Church for a service! Good job on the table and that's a very cute night gown you found for Mary! Well, should get some sleep... Love, Hannah Klunder

lila said...

Wish I could help with this move like I did when you moved from Phx. I know everyone will be so excited to see you all. Hope our paths can cross while you are here. Love your post. Praying for you during this busy time and trusting the revival will be much help to your precious people. Love you all tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Heather, Phillip, and flock, What a sweet post this is. I love what all Bro Edgar does for your family. You can tell he loves you guys. He adds spice to your blog posts. Smile. Mary is something else! How bland your life would be without her cheery little personality to brighten your days. (As she sits, quietly unwinding cassette tapes and tearing books apart.) Ha! I loved your Snowman blackboard with the announcement on it. What a neat mother you had, Heather, as you were growing up. And it's so nice that you are, in turn, being the same kind of mother for your children. Phillip, I am thankful that Heather and you bore the toil and endured the pain of getting prepared to work for Jesus in Colombia. What a joy it is for us to watch you labor for Jesus in that large field. "We'll work 'til Jesus comes, then we'll be gathered home." "The night cometh when no man can work." We are priviledged to work for our King, Jesus Christ! What a day it will be when we get to look upon his beautiful face! I love each of you SO MUCH! Mom D

Jeffrey Albertson said...

Tell Noah and Kimberly "Happy Birthday!" I am praying for your family today!
-Jeffrey Albertson
President of the Missions Student Organization at GBSC.

mmsbryan said...

A Happy Birthday to two of my favorite Colombians. I love you, Gram

Holly said...

Always enjoy your blog. I'd like to schedule you and your family for a deputation service while you are in the USA. If that is possible, email me at
Holly Miller

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly and Noah from all the happy Hunts in Georgia. We love you all!

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