Sunday, January 13, 2013

~Happy Birthday to Kimberly & Noah!~

Thank y'all for all of your fun birthday wishes for Kimberly and Noah via email, google +, and my blog.  
You can click on all these pics (except for their pic when they were smaller) and they should get bigger.
~Dear Grandma sent me this fun pic of Kimberly 6, Noah 6 months?, and Sarah 3. 2004~

 ~Kimberly has such a DEAR Daddy.  He got up early with her this morning and went with her to a field to take her fun pictures.
This was the poster affect on our camera.  This is probably My (Mommy's) fav.!!~
~We are happy how these pictures turned out.~
~ I love this little girl young lady who is my Great friend, laughs at my jokes, helps me tremendously, and is such a sweetheart.~
~Kimberly Really likes hazy mornings, and was so happy that this was one.~
~Then this afternoon, while we were putting the finishing touches on our lunch and blowing up Lightening McQueen balloons, Phillip ran with Noah, Elijah, and our neighbor Nicolas to take Noah's pictures.
Noah has been DYING to have a soccer ball.  Jesus must have seen how BADLY he wanted one...for Pastor Jimmy and family got him this one...and we bought him one before Christmas to give him for his birthday. So, now he has 2. =D ~
~Where have my "babies" gone?
~Love this little tenderhearted boy, who still gives Mommy hugs...but whose not too little anymore.~
~Nicolas, Elijah, and Noah.~
~Two brothers who love each other to pieces although they hide it WELL some times. =D ~
~Nicolas took this pic of Daddy and his boys.~
 I'll post pics of Noah's birthday dinner later. (Remember Kimberly had hers in July, for we thought that we were going to be in Argentina by now.  Our people have enjoyed teasing her, that she's the only person they know that has a birthday every 6 months. =)
Please pray for those traveling into Bogota today and tomorrow, and for our revival services.  
We want God to come in a special way!


Brittany said...

Happy Birthday to your kiddos! And what great pics! So pretty =) And I just love the little guys' outfits ;)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

How neat that Jesus gave Kimberly a hazy day for her b-day pictures! I like all her pictures but was thinking if I had one on my bedroom wall, I'd like the one of her looking at the camera. And, the one of Noah that I'd like on my bedroom wall is the first picture where he has such a happy smile. (I wonder why Phillip didn't take a picture of Noah with a foot on each one of his new soccer balls. Ha!) What nice pictures of Nicolas with his friends, the brothers, and dad with his two sons. These birthdays caused the production of neat photo shots! Love, Grandma D

lila said...

A BIG Happy Birthday to Kimberly and Noah!!! What great pics. Kids have a way of growing up too fast it seems. Kimberly is such a dear young lady and Noah is such a cute boy. Really enjoyed the pics. Your hubby did a great job. Love you all tons

Natasha said...

Awww I LOVE Kimberly's picture!!! And Noah's pictures just EAT. YOUR. HEART. OUT! SOO cute!!! :)
Love you all,

Daryl Hausman said...

Ohhhhh! I love all of the pictures. The pics of Kimberly are so pretty, and I loved Noah's and Elijah's outfits! Noah has gotten so big from the last time I saw him! I'm glad that he has a soccer ball now! I think it is so precious how Noah, Elijah, and Nicholas are such good friends. That is awesome! Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly & Noah!! Loved your Birthday pictures!! Kimberly is so pretty and I can't believe how big Noah is!! Praying EXTRA HARD for you this week!!! Trusting God to send GREAT BLESSINGS your way!

-Sis. Jowers

Daryl Hausman said...

Oh, Heather how sweet! Kimberly, so pretty and may be the only other person I know, except for maybe Eeyore, who likes hazy mornings! Lol!=) Noah... handsome chap, all grown up, brought near-tears to my eyes. So precious.. Praying for your revival services this week and all the travels!
MUCH LOVE, Aunt Laura
P.S. Can't wait to see ya'll soon.... counting the days til ur on Bodmann

Roseanne said...

Happy Birthday, Kimberly and Noah! Beautiful Pics. Havent been on your site in a while, Heather...Nice to "catch up". Hope to get to see you soon when your home. -Roseanne-

Janie said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly and Noah! I love how their pictures turned out. What a beautiful young lady Kimberly is! And I love your boys bow ties with their blue jeans. I am praying for you this week - I'm sure you will be very busy! Can't wait to see you all in a few months :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family. Your children are growing so fast ;/ Love to all, Carla

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