Wednesday, January 16, 2013

~Noah's Happy Birthday dinner~

Bro. Eisenhart and Bro. Becker got here safely Monday evening.  We are HAPPY to have them here, and Jesus gave us a WONDERFUL service last night. 
Please keep praying for we have a 3 hour class that Bro. Becker is teaching today and service tonight with Bro. Eisenhart preaching.  We will have services every night this week and Bro. Becker will teach on Friday afternoon as well.
The Beckers surprised us and gave our family fun gifts.  Pics coming later.
~Like I said earlier, we celebrated just Noah since we had celebrated Kimberly's birthday in July, thinking we'd be in Arg. by this time.   We just had a simple fun dinner and decorated with Lightning McQueen.  AND NOW...
Since I have to make dinner before we run out the door to class in a couple hours, I must run.  
Most of these pics are self-explanatory, so I'll let you just enjoy the pics.~
~We had fasting and prayer, and a work day at church the day before Noah's birthday.  So, it was a huge help TO ME that he wanted a Lightening McQueen cake that I could buy at a bakery. =) ~

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~Nicolas and our boys LOVED Noah's cake!~

~Our soccer ball we got him. (The camera missed his HAPPY/SHOCKED expression when he opened it.)~
~Mommy and her "babies." =) ~



Anonymous said...

Cool! Love you,Noah! I liked seeing your pics and can't wait to see you soon! Love, Bryan

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This was a beautiful post of Noah's birthday. The decorations, the cake, the smiles, the happiness, the love, and the kindness expressed in these pictures made my heart swell with joy. I don't know how you keep up with these cute b-day celebrations but they are such fun to observe on your blog. The three young boys' love for each other is sweet to see. I like Sarah's hair in a bun. Kimberly loves her brother, Noah. Mary is so cute, always beaming in the background of the pictures. I mailed Kimberly and Noah's b-day cards today, so you'll get them in 2 weeks. Dad and I have been married 40 years, next Sunday the 20th. I am grateful for these years that have been precious to my heart. Do not stop to e-mail, or call while your Holiness services and classes are going on-they are being counted on for eternity, and must not be interfered with. Bless you guys for your labors for King Jesus! Love, Mom D

lila said...

Bryan's comment is so sweet. Noah's birthday cake was cute. Deron liked it and tried to touch it. Praying for your services. Looking forward to pics of the gifts from your visitors. Love to all

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures and decorations!!! :) Saw a video of Pastor and U. Phillip preaching...praise the Lord for the amazing services!! We'll keep praying.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Noah! Looks like a FUN party! ~Carla~

RicKaren said...

I love how you make each birthday special--we try to do that too, it makes such great memories for them! Will be praying for your holiness meetings!

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