Friday, January 18, 2013

~A Revival week update~

~As you can imagine we are RUNNING so much this week, that we hardly have time to breathe.
In fact, I'm writing this post sitting in Bro. Mark Becker's class for the pastors.  I decided that I could get 2 things done at once.
I could sit in the back of the class and hear the good teaching of Bro. Becker and blog too...for this is the ONLY time I have to blog and update you PRAY - ERS!
PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!  God is working and souls are coming to Him, but there's more that God wants to do.
I'm using someone else's computer and I have worked for a LONG time, trying to get these pictures on here the right way, and in order, but as you will see, I couldn't get some of them turned up and down NO. MATTER. WHAT. I. DID!  =(
ANYHOOO...,you'll just have to turn your computer sideways, and enjoy the pics! =D
~Bro. Becker is sleeping in the boys' room, and Bro. Eisenhart is sleeping in the girls' room.   And the three girls are sleeping in our room.
So, Noah and Elijah are sleeping in a neat little "cave" under the stairs downstairs.  They like it. =)~
~Sarah set this table to serve Bro. B. and Bro. E. a snack the first night.~
~Bro. Becker came down their 1st morning here and said to me, "I have gifts."
Before I thought to not show any emotion...I squealed, "Oh! GOODY!"
Then I thought, "You idiot, the gifts he has aren't for you or our family, they are for Colombian people."
 So I tried to back-pedal and act more calm. =)
Then later he came down and  SURPRISED us and HE HAD broughten gifts for our family from him and his wife.  =D
 The gifts they got for every member of our family were PERFECT!!!
Here's Sarah with her gift.  ~
~Phillip with his nice mug with Scripture on it.  They also got him a "scale" that one can hold and weigh things up in the air.  VERY USEFUL for a missionary who lives PACKING and WEIGHING suitcases. =) He's HAPPY!~
~Bro. Eisenhart taking pictures of us opening our gifts.~
~Phillip opening up his mug~
~We served fresh juicy mango the next morning with our breakfast.  YUMMY!  Both men really enjoyed it.~
~Noah's gift was a basketball hoop and a basket ball.  He LOVES IT!~

~Bro. E. trying to get a basket.  Elijah got a slinky, Kimberly a nice sweater, and Mary an outfit and a little book.~
~I got YUMMY Reeses cups and Reeses pieces, this beautiful apron...~
~Here I am (sideways=) with my FUN new apron...AND...~
~This fun Patriotic table runner!~
~This is the first night of the revival.  Phillip was introducing Bro. Eisenhart and Bro. E. was greeting the church.
L to R: Bro. Becker, Phillip, Bro. Eisenhart, Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Alba and Bro. Alberto from Medellin, and Bro. Rigoberto and Sis. Ilce from Cartagena.~
~Phillip was introducing Bro. Becker and Bro. B. was greeting the church.~
~The Lord really helped Bro. Eisenhart to preach and a lot of us were crying.  There was a good number of people at the altar and God was changing lives.~
~Bro. Rigoberto and his family from Cartagena.~
~Bro. Eisenhart giving the Colombian pastors a gift from the Christian Nation Church in the USA.~
~Sis. Ilce and Esther.~
~Mary in her little blouse and skirt that Sis. Alba from Medellin made her.~
~Jesus is giving us good crowds in the service.  KEEP PRAYING!!!~
~Another table setting for a snack.~
~Noah playing with one of his new soccer balls.~
~Our side of the Wednesday night crowd.~
We really appreciate your prayers.  We need them.
We need God to give us strength, and 
Phillip, who is translating for every service, has a sore throat and is losing his voice.  


Anonymous said...

Will continue to pray for the services, pastor's and translator too! :) Thanks for taking time for the update!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy the pictures...thanks for posting!!! I know you must be VERY BUSY!!! Praying that the Lord pours out His BLESSINGS in the closing services!!
David wishes there was a "like" button on your blog...he enjoys following your posts but doesn't like to write comments :)


Daryl Hausman said...

Hey, that's a good idea, Sis Jowers. Tell him if he patented that "LIKE" button for blogs that many of us would "LOVE" IT!=) Heather, we loved seeing these pics. BTW, I'm sure Bro Becker would have been very disappointed if you HADN'T SQUEALED for we ALL KNOW that's the Heather we love... all jumping-up-and-down happy ALL THE TIME, ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! =)We are praying for the Lord's touch on poor Phillip's voice as his translation is so necessary!Hey someone (I'll leave their name out) suggested if he gets too bad... maybe YOU could interpret for them! =0 I'm glad your arm isn't long enough to reach me with that slap I just felt the wind from!! Just Teasing, of course... seriously, we are praying many times a day for the Lord's touch to all! XOXO, Laura

mmsbryan said...

I can only guess how busy you must be and feel the burden that the services be blessed to the hearts of your church family there in Bogota. I have prayed daily for you as I "cooked" and helped GG in Tennesse. We are home safe but our return trip was delayed with snow and ice. A first snow in awhile in the southland and we get caught in it. We will keep you and your guests close to our hearts in prayer. Did our birthday cards arrived in time? Love, Moma

Dave said...

Laura, you can already put a like button for posts on your blog. Just google a search for adding a like button to your blog...Dave

lila said...

I am glad you are having a good turn out and people are minding God. We will continue to pray. Glad you all got nice gifts.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! I wanna come visit you ;)! Thankful the Lord is answering prayer! Hugs to you, Carla

Brittany said...

We'll be praying that the revival continues to go well - thank the Lord for such wonderful crowds! That's great! And what a pretty apron - how fun!

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