Wednesday, October 17, 2012

~Dear Children's/youth Worker...

This is a THANK YOU letter...written from MY Heart... as a Mother of 5 children!
~Thank you for realizing that you are NOT a "babysitting service," you are FORMING little lives during that hour or more that you have them. 
~Thank you for realizing that Children can and DO make life-changing decisions to serve Jesus in Sunday school/Jr. church/youth meetings.
Our Kimberly prayed and gave her heart to Jesus when she was 3 in the children's service during our camp.  WE SAW A HUGE CHANGE IN HER ATTITUDE!  She was a different girl from that day on.  It was unbelieveable!
~Thank you for realizing that when a child gives themselves to God, they have their entire life before them to give to Him.
 D. L. Moody once said, "2 and 1/2 souls were saved last night."  Someone else remarked, "2 adults and one child?"
"No," said Moody, "It was two children and an adult. The children have their whole lives to live for Christ, while the adult has come with half of his life."
~Our Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, and Mary.~
~Thank you for realizing that the music you use will probably be the music IN THE MAIN CHURCH tomorrow!  Thank you for being CAREFUL to use music that will glorify God and not man!
~Thank you for realizing that our children/youth do not have to be entertained to pieces.  Thank you for Giving them some meat (God's Word, Godly Examples) to chew on,  and not just jokes, and froth.
(A young lady I know recently got up and left in the middle of a Holiness youth meeting, VERY Disappointed that the minister was just joking the entire time.  The next day she was VERY happy that another minister earnestly urged the young people to seek GOD and there was a SERIOUS time of youth praying and giving their hearts to God!)
~Thank you for realizing that life is all about PREPARING for HEAVEN.  One never knows when will be the last time that they get to minister to that child/young person.  (Death is NO respecter of age/persons.)
~Thank you for realizing that God is using YOU to change the lives of our children.  Our prayer is that you Spend MUCH TIME WITH AND STAY CLOSE TO HIM, so that you can keep re-charged.
Thank you,


RicKaren said...

I really love the Moody quote! I had not heard it before. Thanks!

lila said...

That is some good soul candy, as your husband calls it. So thankful there are still those that are totally sold out for God. Love you sweet Heather

Denise said...

Dave and Margaret Jowers. Only eternity will reveal all the lives they have impacted for heavens gain. There is obviously much time spent with the Father in preparation for each service considering the way His Presence blesses us Sunday after Sunday! It has been a pleasure to work with them for 9 years at the CNC. Thank you for this timely and fitting tribute to some of the finest and most influential ministers out there who are so often overlooked and taken for granted.
Love and Prayers,
Aunt Nesi

Brenda said...

Loved this post! I agree completely!

Sarah Cook said...

Thank you for writing this post... it is so good to know that children really are changed during children's services. Sometimes, it can feel like I am just totally spent and worn out after a Children's Church service (especially those days when I have poured my heart out in it), and then I wonder if it sank home to the children. I told the children recently that our services downstairs are practice for upstairs... what is a prayer request? What is a testimony... what is it not... what is appropriate... what is glorifying God? I have been having them practice the past couple of weeks... their testimonies are so precious! From the happiness about the weather to thankfulness for friends and family to help in school to simply "I love Jesus"... I love it!

mmsbryan said...

Heather, thanks for taking time to say Thank you to those that carry a burden for our children. They do a wonderful work . . . perhaps the most important! Love, Moma

Keith and Crystal said...

Beautiful post! I couldn't agree more.

I made your bread. Everyone loved it - thanks for the recipe. :)

Have a great weekend!!

Ellen said...

I love your article so much I shared it on Facebook for my Christian friends/workers to see. Love and prayers, Aunt Ellen

Ellen said...

I love your article so much I shared it on Facebook for my Christian friends/workers to see. Love and prayers, Aunt Ellen

Angie Davis said...

Love this, Heather! We have loved the years God has allowed us to spend in Children's Ministry and we pray daily that we'll teach them something that will draw them to Jesus!

Daryl Hausman said...

So precious! Thank YOU Jowers for your countless hours spent "Investing in Eternity"! I told someone just today, Heaven will be worth it at ANY cost! Thank you for giving to the Lord, our children's lives are ones that are changed and we are eternally Grateful!
Much Love, Laura

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