Monday, October 8, 2012

~Miracle Monday...Just in Time!~

I have been trying since yesterday to get this post on, but am just now getting it posted.   (Thankfully, I'm safe...for it's still Monday. =)
~Can't find any pics from our time in Cost Rica, but this pic was taken at the Creation Museum in Kentucky in 2008 when Elijah was a new baby.~  
In May 2005 our whole family said the very first of MANY...SAD HARD goodbyes to our family, friends, and church people, and headed to study Spanish for a year in San Jose, Costa Rica!  Kimberly was 7, Sarah 4, and Noah 16 months.   Our first four months we lived with a lady, paid her for our room and board and she watched our 3 kids while we were in Spanish school in the mornings. Our dwelling for those 4 months was one bedroom and a 1/2 bath...for the 5 of us.  =)  Talk about culture shock. 
God later opened up a really nice house for us to rent RIGHT ACROSS from our Spanish school.  We were able to rent that house for our last 4 months in Costa Rica.
Along about Christmas time our DEAR Christian Nation Church Jr. Church sent us a box or TWO of goodies to us in Costa Rica.  Wonderful Christmas gifts/candies/baking goods, etc.  It was SO FUN to receive and helped our hearts so MUCH since this was our FIRST OF MANY Christmases we would spend outside of our beloved USA. 
My in-laws also sent a box around that same time.  I'm not for sure if it was for Christmas or for the kids' birthdays in December and January.  However, the box NEVER CAME!  We waited, checked the post office, and PRAYED for that box of toys and goodies to arrive from Grandpa and Grandma in AZ.  But January came, and no box.  February came, no box! March came, no box.  April came, and STILL. NO. BOX! 
The problem was that we would soon finish Spanish school and were to LEAVE Costa Rica in May. 
Our kids were so SAD and praying that God would PLEASE help that box to get to us before we left. 
The day came that we were to fly back home to the USA.  That last day was filled with nearly 1,000 things to do ;-), packing, weighing, sorting, giving away things, cleaning the house we had rented, saying goodbyes, etc.
Phillip decided that he'd better run to the post office and check ONE MORE TIME for that box for our kids.  Wouldn't you know, JESUS HAD THAT BOX THERE!!!! 
Phillip ran back home, and 1 hour later we were heading to the airport to fly away. 
Our kids and us sang Jesus' praises and THANKED HIM for caring enough to help their box of toys and goodies arrive JUST IN TIME! =D


~Carla~ said...

His time is ALWAYS perfect! What a wonderful story!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! How did your apple cider turn out the other day?? I'm so curious about it!! Hugs, Carla

lila said...

The kids was so little in that pic. I was looking for Kimberly and thought, well she is taking the pic and them realized she was one of the little ones in the pic. My how they grow so fast. Love your post and so happy that our God keeps perfect time. Love you all tons

Brittany said...

Love that story! It's just like Jesus to care of His children =)

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