Monday, October 1, 2012

~Mary's 2nd birthday party~

A very happy Monday to each of you! Isn't it wonderful that Jesus has promised NEW STRENGTH for each day? It helps me to know that I didn't use up all the strength yesterday, but I have a fresh supply for today!! =) Thanks for all your nice comments on Mary's 2 year old pictures. Jesus really helped me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~We had Mary's party last Friday evening.  We used Hello Kitty~
~Little Mary as the centerpiece. (I didn't have time to print off one of her new pics.)~
~We invited Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and 3 daughters (including Joanna), Bro. Jaime, Sis. Sofia, Nicolas [our next door neighbor who's Mother works in the evenings, so he's home alone most evenings =( ], and Pastor Jimmy's sister Judy and her 2 children.  (Her husband was out of town.)
Here's dear Sis. Farly with the birthday girl.~
~Little David and Elijah buddies, Noah and Nicolas...Best Buddies, and Joanna wearing one of her new outfits from our church ladies in the USA.~
~Gaby, Sis. Judy, Nataly, Sis. Sofia, and Bro. Jaime.~
~Yours truly and her RIGHT HAND LADY...Kimberly in the kitchen serving the food. =) ~
~Little Mary the birthday girl!  Thanks Gramp and Gram for the ADORABLE jumper for her.  Her shoes we bought at Payless as part of her gifts.~
~Joanna, Mary, and Elijah.~
 ~Gaby and Sarah..."TWINS" who were somehow separated by birth. =) ~
~Adorable little Stephanie playing in Sarah's play house...which Mommy graciously allowed Sarah to put under the stairs. =) ~
~As an appetizer I served YUMMY Autumn chopped salad.  (I served it in smaller bowls, for some of the ingredients were new to them, and I didn't know if they would like it.)   It was a hit.  Several wanted and had seconds. Recipe coming soon.~
~"Uncle" Jimmy is crazy and always makes us laugh.  I had purchased little noise makers, and he taped his to his mouth, so he didn't have to hold it, yet could still blow and make noise.  =) =) ~
~Mommy, Mary, and Daddy.~
~Mary in her high chair.  We removed the balloons after the picture, for she couldn't sit up straight. =) ~
~All of us enjoying our salad.~
~Our menu was oven-fried chicken (A DELICIOUS YET SIMPLE RECIPE that I plan to share with y'all soon), mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans with bacon, and corn.  I also introduced them to homemade biscuits, which they LOVED!  I served tea in my "fish bowl punch bowl."   =D
(I made 5 gallons of red berry tea, which was nearly gone by the end of the evening. =) ~
~The children ate outside.~

~Our kids really wanted me to do a piñata, but I don't like the "unfairness" of a piñata.  Some kids are more aggressive than others and get more goodies, and I always feel sorry for the "underdog."  =(
So, I made a nice goodie bag filled with yummy candy and a small toy or key chain in each bag for the children/young people.  The adults got something fun too.~
~Kimberly helped me with Mary's Hello Kitty cake.  We were in such a hurry that we decided to just use the Hello Kitty candle and then Kimberly came up with the fun idea of wrapping the curly ribbon around the outside of the cake.  It turned out cute.~
~I added some berries that are similar to blue berries into the cake, and Jesus helped it to be yummy.  We served that cake with vanilla and caramel ice cream.~
~Our sweet Mary with her cake.~
~In this picture she got embarrassed and decided she didn't want to smile anymore.~
~Us after we had just sang Happy Birthday to Mary.~
~Mary enjoying her cake and ice cream.~
~Mary opening her gifts.  When Elijah walked up to join her in the picture, she turned and put her little right hand close to him to include him.  It was so cute.~
~Each family gave Mary a nice gift.    We gave her a small purse with goodies inside, sun glasses, and a fun "dress up" puzzle for her to open that night.~
~She cracked us up with her glasses.~
~The next day being her actual birthday, we let her open the rest of our gifts (mainly clothes that she needed =).  (Notice Elijah's "HAT" on your left.)
We loved this pic of her trying to open a "BIGGER THAN MARY" gift bag. =) ~
~Little Mary wearing the fun blouse from Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and family.~
~And here she is opening the gift from Nicolas and his Mom.  It was fun warm Snoopy Pajamas, some little chocolates, and hair things.~
Jesus gave Mary a very fun birthday!



Daryl Hausman said...

Thanks for posting these fun pictures! Every time there was a picture of Elijah or Mary, I just had to smile at them being soooo adorable! Can't wait till we can see you all again,

Anonymous said...

So adorable. Guess you have heard that the Shirk family is getting our own little surprise in April 2013!!!

Think of you and pray for you often.


Brittany said...

What a sweet party! Your meal looks delicious and so does that cake!

Denise said...

Such a sweet surprise, our little Mary was and is! I love the Hello Kitty birthday ~ you know, my "little" girl still LOVES Hello Kitty? Your meal looked so yummy and I never ceased to be amazed at what wonderfully sweet missionary you are, dearest Heather! Showing people by example what it means to be a godly set-apart lady! Blessings on you for a wonderful week. And yes, I am so thankful for new strength each and every day! He is so good to us! (I FINALLY posted a new post on my blog ~ you'll love it)!
Love and Prayers Always,
Aunt Nesi

Daryl Hausman said...

How sweet! Your food made me hungry! Gaby's hair is sooooo long and pretty all done in that fancy braid across her head. So sweet and pleasing to Jesus to see such long pretty hair too! Sweet pics of Mary and her bare feet, fun glasses... silly girl! Can't wait to get my squeezes from her! Love ya lots, A. Laura

Kimberly said...

Happy Bday to Mary! love the pic of her sitting on the table and everyone being so happy together...and the pic opening Nicolas' present...he looks so proud! so sweet!

Kimberly said...

Happy Bday to Mary! love the pic of her sitting on the table and everyone being so happy together...and the pic opening Nicolas' present...he looks so proud! so sweet!

~Carla~ said...

Oh, I love all the pics, but that one of Elijah and Mary!!!! It's too much, they are SO cute! Happy Birthday lil Mary. What a doll!

Natasha said...

Loved, Loved, LOVED all the pictures!!! In some of them she reminded me of Kimberly's baby pictures!!! =) TOO cute! Makes me miss her all the more!! (and the rest of you too! ;)
*Also loved your pictures on your "contentment post".

lila said...

What a nice birthday and what a cute birthday girl. You did a great job. Everythings looks lovely!!! Love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Mary looks like your play baby doll that you dress up, frill up, play with, and love: only she's not a play dolly; she's real! That child adds such spice to your blog posts! That big red bow in her hair makes me smile every time I see her wearing it in a picture. What a nice birthday party this seems to have been for Mary and for all the guests. I know I would have enjoyed the festivities, had I been a guest. Your cake with the purple/blue berries looked absolutely delish! I believe I would have enjoyed my piece of cake, had I been there to sample your wares. Smile. I love how you make over your children when it's their birthdays. It all takes so much work but like Isaac's Rebecca, you just put your heart and soul into it, and you lavish the whole affair with a heart full of love. What a beautiful servant you are for your King and for your family. If ever someone writes a book about the family of missionaries who labored in Cincinnati, Phoenix, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, and Uraguay, the readers will wonder how the slender little mother of five was able to accomplish so much in her lifetime, as she labored for others. I believe you can be called a mini-example of Susanna Wesley, the mother of seventeen (was it?). Whoever could have imagined all you would do, after you became the missionary wife of Phillip Dave. We have a modern-day example of an old-fashioned Holiness missionary family. How blest we are to be partakers of your daily chronicles by way of your computer blog site! Love, your mother-in-law who stands in awe of her little blond-headed daughter-of-love. How you WOW my heart!

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