Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~A card shower, with Goodies, instead of cash. =) ~

I may not be a kid anymore...but I am at heart. =D
Gifts are my LOVE LANGUAGE!  I LOVE getting gifts, treats, notes, (YOUR COMMENTS, =) etc.  I normally try to MAKE SURE that my family KNOWS when it's my birthday.  =D 
So, I well remember the SPECIAL things that our AZ church family did for our family when Phillip pastored the Gospel Center church there.  They did all kinds of Neat things.  One year they helped me pay off my keyboard. Another year they reached out and gave gifts to our children, gave us a NICE food pounding, and they sent us away as a family to a VERY NEAT log cabin in woodsy Payson, AZ, etc.  SUCH FUN memories!!!  These things they did for us...made me feel so LOVED and made me want to give more than 100% to God and our church family. =)
So, that is what inspired us to WANT to do something SPECIAL all this month to show our own Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and girls how much we love and appreciate them!
This past Sunday was Sunday #3...and the people were to bring a card expressing their love and appreciation and some chocs. or a treat if they wanted to. 
 ~Since Pastor Jimmy and family LOVE my apple pie, I decided to make them one and put a cross and 2 churches on the top. =) ~
 ~On Sunday morning, I placed 2 of my baskets on a table near where I was playing the piano and each card and goody that arrived for our Pastor, wife, and family made me WANT TO SQUEAL WITH HAPPINESS!  =D (I took this pic before service started, so things had just started coming in.)~
 ~Several kids made cards for Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly during S.S.  (Our kids had made cards at home, so they weren't in this picture.) ~
~Since this was a "gringo idea" (Gringo meaning was our idea =) ...I was SO HAPPY that the church responded so WELL. Nice cards and yummy goodies made for a... HAPPY Pastor Jimmy, wife, and family. =)~
 ~Bro. Jaime from our church made this and I thought it was so beautiful.  That's a real flower he dried to put on there.  He wrote parts of Ps. 119, and at the bottom expressed their appreciation.  =) ~
 ~2 Choc. candy bars peeking out of a cute signed paper bag from Sis. Farly's sister and family. =) ~
 Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly have done LOTS for us (go-away dinners, birthday dinner, etc.) so we were EXCITED to have the church focus on honoring Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly and their family. 
But, 4 different dear families included Phillip and I.  We were so surprised and thought it was very SWEET of them!
 ~Bro. Edgar and Sis. Joanna gave us a NICE note from them, and yummy chocolates!~
 ~Sis. Zulma gave us each some yummy chocolates.  And Sis. Miriam gave us some candied choc. almonds, but I failed to get a picture of her with us.  And as you'll read below Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly had us over for a special dinner.~
 ~I thought this was so CUTE...Nataly and Gaby couldn't WAIT to peek into the baskets and see what Goodies had come in.   They are dear girls and we love them tons. 
Please pray that God will use these 2 precious girls for HIM! =) 
Jesus gave us a good Lord's day, and there was a great response to honoring our pastor, wife and family which THRILLED Phillip and I. ~
 Sis. Farly called me later on Sunday and THANKED us for all that we had done for them.  They then invited us for one of her YUMMY dinners this past Tuesday to show us appreciation.  =)
I must have been too tired to get pictures yesterday, for I don't even have one.  =( 
But, it was a Delicious meal and we had such a nice visit with Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and girls. =)
Please keep praying for our pot-luck dinner that is to be this Sunday, Lord willing.  Everyone seems excited about it, and is helping bring in food.  =)


Rob and Deanna said...

Such a neat Month for Pastor Jimmy and family!! I am sure they couldn't wait to get to church to see what was happening each Sunday. :-) I LOVE Bro. Jaime's gift, BEAUTIFUL, that is a treasure and will look so neat on the wall or a small stand. Love Scripture decorated neat for home decor!

lila said...

You are the best Heather,,, so sweet of you to remember them in such a special way. I know it makes them feel so loved and appreciated!!! It was so fun doing things for you all in Phoenix. Would love to be able to do it again!!!!!! love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

I think God of all people should understand our love of "Gifts" for just think of His Special Gift to all mankind! Praise the Lord!
Love ya girl and prayin for your dinner on Sunday.

Kimberly said...

so glad this has gone so well!! blessings on this Sunday...

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