Thursday, September 27, 2012

~Look Turning 2!~

It hardly seems possible that 2 years ago we welcomed into our world...our PRECIOUS Mary! 
I had fun taking these pics of her today.  When I was getting her dressed, I realized that her blouse had gotten a little small, but I didn't have time to go buy a different blouse...for this is the only day I have TIME to take her pictures.
You see...we are planning on having a big birthday supper for our Mary tomorrow and this Mommy has LOTS to do before then. =)
When I was back in the USA for my Grandmother's 90th birthday party, Jesus helped me find this adorable Like-New dress for Mary at a thrift store for only $5.00!  I squealed with delight.  =)
~And's our little Mary.~
~I wish I could tell you how much JOY, giggles, laughter, hugs and kisses this little bundle of LOVE has brought into our home.  Jesus knew we NEEDED our Surprise Mary Grace!  =)  ~

~Mary is always ready to give hugs, and believe me we ask for our share.  She gets hugs ALL. THE. TIME. =) ~
~It is our prayer that little Mary serves Jesus with all of her heart.~
~Happy Birthday, Little Mary, WE LOVE YOU TONS!!!~


Daryl Hausman said...

Oh. How. Sweet! Makes me MISS her something fierce! I couldn't believe while overhearing Phillip talk to ya'll on the phone while he was with us... he was answering her and it was obvious that she'd said, "I love you Daddy, I miss you Daddy..." that is SOOOOOO hard for us to believe for she was only 2 months old the last time I held her and helped to dress her for her plane ride away from us! blink.blink.blink! She is so precious and that dress is simply DARLING! Love and miss ya'll TONS!!! Wishing we could get a few of those hugs!!!
Laura and Family

mmsbryan said...

Happy Birthday Baby Mary! Gramp and Gram are having some nice get-away days together. It was nice seeing you and your new dress. I am dreaming of a time when all the Bryans can get away to this Inn, all 27, oh I guess there will soon be 28 of us! We love you lots and lots. Gramp and Gram

Brittany said...

A very happy birthday to little Mary! They grow up fast, don't they?! What a sweet dress, too - I'd say you got a bargain =) The pictures are just adorable!

Kira said...

She is adorable !

The dress is fab ! Happy birthday sweet MaryGrace !

RicKaren said...

Happy Birthday to your little sweatheart! Two is such a fun age!

~Carla~ said...

Gasp, what a DOLL! The pics are absolutely darling...Aren't you THANKFUL for these surprises the Lord sends our way! :D Happy Birthday lil Mary!

lila said...

She is sooo cute and you did a great job on the pics. Love the dress and the price. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Mary, Love and prayers

Daryl Hausman said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Mary Grace from your Aunt and Uncle and all your cousins from this Haus. We miss you not being our neighbors across the street. But we'll be all the more excited when Jesus allows you to come for a visit! We love you and pray that you'll grow up to please Jesus your whole life! Your a special surprise that Jesus sent your family. Just think of all the special surprises that Jesus has for you, when you love and serve Him! xoxoxoxoxoxo A. Laura and Family

Daryl Hausman said...

OH! I LOVE the pictures! They just make me want to give her a squeeze!
Love you all,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a sweet little girl Mary seems to be. She turned out to look so cute in these pictures. I am anxious to get acquainted with her. Love, Grandma D

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