Saturday, September 8, 2012

~New Baby Melany is Here!~

~Some weeks back there was going to be a Baby Shower for a young lady in our church named Kelly.  When Kelly found out that she was expecting a baby girl...She decided to honor our friend Melanie Smith who spent a month working with us in 2011...and named their baby girl after Melanie Smith!  =)
Little Melany was born yesterday.  9-6-2012    I haven't seen little Melany yet, hopefully we'll get to see/hold her soon!  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Here's some pics of Kelly's baby shower.
Kelly's Mother asked if I could make some cupcakes for Kelly's baby shower.  Here are Kimberly, Joanna, and I putting the icing, and the "candy pacifiers" on top of each cupcake before we headed to the baby shower.~
~Normally in the USA, I use 2 big white life saver mints (wrapped individually) one laying down for the handle, and the other standing up, and I "glue" them together with icing, and then attach a jelly bean for the front of each pacifier.  (I think this recipe can be found on Taste of Home!) 
But, since I couldn't get some of those candies here, we used 2 gummy candy rings and another type of gummy for the front.~
~Jesus helped our little "pacifiers" and we were happy with out they turned out.  Kelly, Camilo and their families and friends loved them too. =) ~
~Sis. Farly is reading a Scripture verse about children to Kelly and Camilo and then we....~
~Prayed for them and little baby Melany.~
~Dear Sis. Farly, Little Mary, and I at the baby shower.~
~Dear Bro. Jaime (Pastor Jimmy's Dad), Noah, and my Phillip.~
~Please pray for Kelly, Camilo and little Melany that God will help them serve Him with all their hearts.~
~When Kelly and Camilo would open each family's gift, that family would come up and get their picture taken with Kelly, little Melany, and Camilo.   Here's our family with them. 
We are so GLAD that Jesus helped lil' Melany to arrive safely!~    =)


Daryl Hausman said...

how Sweet your shower turned out!! Loved the pacifiers. I don't remember seeing them before. Too cute! Love ya, Laura

Roseanne Evans said...

Those are toooo cute!!! Also, really like your scarf. Looks classy!! :-) I'm glad it's getting cooler around here, for I love, love my scarfs and can't wait to start wearing them again.

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