Monday, September 10, 2012


It makes my heart SO SAD now-a-days how the devil gets couples fooled into thinking that Marriage is like shopping for shoes; If they don't work, you can take them back and exchange them.
God made marriage to be for LIFE!!!
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2-Gather Forever!   =)

I remember my college instructor Sheila Wolf telling us girls in her class that there would be days that we would see ALL of our husband's Faults (dirty socks on the floor, etc.) and that the devil would show us other handsome men and make us think that they are perfect.  She told us that the other men who look perfect probably have WORSE faults than our husbands have.   She said, "Get out your scales and compare your husband to the other man," and then she commanded us, "You'd better make SURE that your husband wins over the other man EVERY TIME!"    In other words, she was telling us to CHOOSE to overlook our husbands' faults and choose to focus on THOSE GOOD QUALITIES THAT MADE US FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM!
My Father-in-law said to Phillip the other day, "I can hardly stand to read FB anymore, because it breaks my heart to see SO MANY PEOPLE getting divorces now."
Maybe we have our priorities all WRONG today.  We spend $1,000s of dollars on our weddings, and then our marriages don't last more than a few months/years.  
My Grandparents got married by the Justice of the Peace in simple clothes, and their marriage lasted over 55 years...and that's when God called my Granddaddy home to Heaven.
When God is the Head of your home, and you each are serving Him, you want what's best FOR YOUR MATE, and learn to give and take.
Married life is both the husband and wife giving 100%.
LOVE IS A DECISION!  Most of the time the emotion...the Happy Feeling of Love is there, but whether it is or not, I CHOOSE to Love.  I don't have any other choice.  I VOWED/PROMISED before God to stay TRUE to my Phillip Until DEATH due us PART!      Do we realize how SERIOUS it is to BREAK a promise/VOW before God?
When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed. 
Better is it that thou shouldest not vow, than that thou shouldest vow and not pay.   Eccl 5:4,5
Because I Daily CHOOSE to Love God and my Sweetheart...I'm finding Married life to be ...


Daryl Hausman said...

Thank you for such a challenging post! "Together Forever" is a song that we asked Andrew and Vonnie to sing at our wedding over 22 years ago and we plan on keeping that promise by:"Growing Old TOGETHER!"
Much love to you all. You are in our daily prayers!
Love ya,

Laura said...

Amen and amen, Heather!

lila said...

It is so terribly sad the shape our world is in. My Dad always said, "so goes the home, so goes the nation". We can see how the tearing down of the home has destroyed our nation. We are going on 39 yrs. of marriage and we plan on making it 39 more, with help of the Lord! Very good post. No one is perfect and it's sad so many think the next one will be better. love you tons

Keith and Crystal said...

I agree 100%. I enjoyed your post so much! And about your father-in-laws comment about FB, that is one of the main reasons we don't have FB - we don't need to know all of the stuff people put on, I do not have time for FB. ;)

About your question you asked me, Yes, I'm Lizzy's cousin. Our dad's are brothers. She's a dear, isn't she?

Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but I have a question about women cutting/trimming their hair.Is it a sin for a women to cut/trim her hair? I have been going to a church that the women do not cut their hair but no one tells me why I should not cut my hair. I want to follow the Lord and live by the bible but no one is taking the time to answer me.

I hope you and your family have a blessed week.

In Christ

Brittany said...

Very well said, Heather! I've said the same thing about Facebook - it's so sad to see more and more couples splitting up. The devil is definitely fighting for our homes. We must keep GOD as the center of our marriages! Thanks for a timely post.

Roseanne Evans said...

Good Post Heather. Enjoyed it. I agree!, I'm in it for life!

Abigail Kuhn said...

Good post! Yes there are rough days but you learn to work through those things and keep plugging on. I said till DEATH do us PART as well and I mean it! I don't consider divorce even an option in my marriage, my options are work it out or work it out! :) Loving my hubby!

~Carla~ said...


Liz said...

I haven't been able to read blogs for a couple months & I have really missed yours so I used my phone to come say hello :). Maybe I will catch up with your happenings sooner or later :). Just saw in these comments you me my cousin Crystal! She's wonderful & like a sister more than just cousin. Love & prayers for your family, Liz

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