Friday, August 3, 2012

~Fun Food Friday...Herb pizza, calzone, etc. dough~

~Yesterday I took a few minutes and blog hopped. I've been running too fast and hadn't had time to check out some of my friend's blogs.  I found this fun recipe on Dee's blog!   Thanks, Dee, for posting it.
(I don't have Spelt flour, and when I try to ask for it, the Colombians look at me like I've lost my, I just used some whole wheat flour, and white flour.)
Not knowing how much it would make Kimberly and I mixed up a double batch to make 2 Calzones for an after church snack last night.  (Just so you know...One batch would have been enough to feed our family that late at night.)~
 I did the...
The chicken Bundles recipe for one of our Calzones for I needed to use up some left-over chicken.
"It was so easy and Yummy too!
Shred chicken from 3 or 4 boneless chicken breasts or equivalent
Mix together 8 oz cream cheese and 1/2 stick butter/margarine
Then mix in 1/2 T. garlic powder
3/4 T. onion powder
1 T. parsley flakes"
Now, I'm off to make a double batch of this pizza dough for 3 or 4 pizzas...and to finish a birthday cake...for our Pastor's daughter Nataly turns "Sweet Sixteen" today! =)
And as Always...Enjoy!


Jana said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I made a double batch of your PB/Choc. Chip cookies yesterday. I shared them with some family today and was happy to bring home an empty container tonight!! They were a hit!!! :-) Love your blog!! Praying for you all!!!

The Dickinsons said...

Jana, it was so FUN hearing from you. Glad you liked the PB/Choc. chip cookie recipe.

We love and miss y'all.

The Dickinsons said...

P.S. Just wanted to tell y'all that...I made a double batch of this dough last night. I don't have any round pizza pans but the double batch made 4 nice sized pizzas on 2 flat cookie sheets and 2 jelly roll type pans. I did the olive oil and spices and Parmesean (sp?) cheese and pre-baked my dough for 10 mins. like the recipe suggested (so as to not make the dough soggy with the toppings.) I then added my toppings and baked the pizzas for another 15 mins. or so on about 400. I made 2 Hawiian pizzas and 2 supreme pizzas (bacon, ham, lots of veggies and cheese) and my company and our family loved the pizzas! =)

lila said...

Looks yummy!!!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Hi Heather, Your recipe for Chicken Calzones sounds good, and the picture of it makes it look good. I'll have to make this sometime. It would really be a NEW food for dad and I to eat, although dad and I did have this one time at Dave and Roseanne's house when they lived in Gospel Center parsonage. It sure was good; she had made it with red pizza sauce. Love, Mom D

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