Monday, August 20, 2012

~Our 2012-2013 school year is now in session~

As you know our life is unpredictable, to say the least.  So, since we don't know exactly when we will get our Colombian papers done, and begin sorting, selling, packing and moving to Argentina, I, the teacher, (Mommy) decided that we should start school a little early, to make up for the busy days in the near future when we can't do school.
So, TODAY, was our first day of school.  =)
~Our breakfast table.~
~Our school centerpiece.~
~Sarah's place.  They each got a choc. bar, and had a tiny cup of coffee. (Our kids are PURE Colombians...they've been raised having coffee in their sippy cups. =) ~
~The place cards of the school kids said, "Happy 2012-2013 school year, Kimberly/Sarah/Noah."
~Sarah requested Soppy choc. and biscuits.  I served sausages on the side.~
 ~Our place cards said, "Principal Daddy, and Teacher Mommy." ~
 ~Us eating breakfast.  Mary got hidden around the corner, and Elijah was still sleeping. ~
~Here's Mary enjoying her drink...out of a fancy little tea/coffee cup.~
~Our family, minus sleeping Elijah.~
~Mary with her sweet messy little face.~
~Elijah eating his breakfast alone =(...after he woke up.   (He normally wakes up pretty early, but if he doesn't, then we let him sleep in, for sometimes when he sleeps a lot that means an asthma attack might be on the way.)
~Our 5 wonderful children...Kimberly is now in 9th grade, Sarah in 6th, and Noah in 3rd.  Our kids met their "new principal and teacher" and really like them.  Hee! Hee!  ;-) ~
~We found a couple "Tom Sawyers" and snapped their picture. =) ~
~Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, and Mary.~
~Mary cracked us up by sticking her hands on her hips for this pic. =) ~

~Mommy/Teacher and her 3 very Special students.~
~"Principal Daddy and his Noah and Elijah.~
~The youngest "student" in our schoolhouse.~
~After letting the kids play a little while at the park, we ate a yummy Colombian lunch.~
~Then got some ice cream to celebrate the first day of school...~
~Then bought some new school supplies for K, S, and Noah...and some new crayons for our 2 youngest who think that they need to be STUDYING like the rest.  Then it was back home to finish up our 1st school day. =) ~
We are trusting Jesus to give us a good school year. Of course we want our children to succeed in school, and learn lots, but our MAIN GOAL for them is to DRAW closer to Jesus this year! =) ~


mmsbryan said...

Thanks for letting us visit your classroom and may your students make lots of progress before they have to pack up and move to another school"house". Thanks to the Principal and Teacher for making mission life so fun for "our" kids. Love, Gramp and Gram

~Carla~ said...

What a wonderful 1st day of school! It's hard to believe it's that time of year already! LOVE those pics of lil Mary, what a character =) Blessings to you all, Carla

Ellen said...

I enjoyed the pictures, Heather. You have such a sweet spirit and your family is beautiful. Aunt Ellen

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Before I read these comments I wanted to write, "You make the life of these Missionary Kids seem like pure-d-fun!" Then I see your mother had the very same thought. Smile. I love the creativity you show in fun and loving ways for your family.
The principal of your school sure does look like my Uncle Danny looked when he was Phillip's age.
What beautiful grandchildren I have, smile; and I love them so very much! Well, I really love my grandchildren's parents too! Smile. Love Mom D

lila said...

Such a cute table, what a neat idea. You are the bestest and funest Moma I know. What an heritage those children have. I enjoyed their first day of school. Love that Mary with those hands on her hips. What a cutie. Praying you all have a great school year. love you tons

Denise said...

Aww, Miss Heather! Everything is adorable! Table, students and staff! Love you girl! I've been perusing Pinterest and Google for a fun and different table for our "first day of school." We actually did a bunch before Comargo but we don't "technically" start until Monday when Lorna starts her second year at GBS. Have a wonderful "first week of school"!
~Aunt Nesi

Daryl Hausman said...

Fun 1st "Field Day" of School! Hee! Don't you wish EVERY 1st day of school was as fun! Jk! We won't start school til Monday, though Brittan starts choir today and Natasha is off job hunting and as well as choir and orchestra try-out's. Praying with you for your special students God has given you and for strength for each new day! Teacher, Mommy and Principal Daddy we are praying for YOU ALL TOO! Blessings to ya'll. Love another Teacher Mommy from this School Haus!

Roseanne said...

Really nice ideas with your table/placecards/centerpiece. Looks like a fun 1st day. Mary is so cute with her hands on her hips. Adorable! We started school last week, so are now in our second week. Lots of fun to start a new year.

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