Thursday, August 9, 2012

~Our trip to Cartagena...part 2~

~On Monday evening Bro. Rigoberto and Sis. Ilce's friends John and his wife came over and we had a nice visit discussing lots of passages from the Bible.~
~On Tuesday our family went to downtown historic Cartagena to see the pretty colorful buildings and enjoy some Cartagena food treats.  There's a LOT of fun buildings like this in the older part of town.~
~Me...enjoying a snow cone with LOTS of sweetened condensed milk.  =)  I LOVE snow cones!  (I used to sell these at a snow cone stand in LA when I was a memories.) ~
~More fun colorful buildings.~
~Phillip and Sarah choosing some fun typical treats made out of coconut, and fruits.~
~Our 5 kids in downtown.~
~Noah enjoying the fresh coconut water out of a COLD coconut. =) ~
~Little Mary with the ocean behind her.  She's sitting in an opening of one of the old Fortress walls that surround Cartagena.~
~Elijah, Sarah, and Noah.~
~Our family on the wall sitting on a cannon...with the ocean behind us.~
~The newer part of Cartgena.~
~My sweetheart and I on a bridge with some pretty flowers behind us.~
~Then we stopped by a store and picked up a bunch of fruit.  This was our next to last night and I wanted to give Sis. Ilce a gift.  Since we are going to have to sell/give away most of our things soon...Before I left my house in Bogota', I had chosen my pretty fruit bowl to give to Sis. Ilce to remember me by .
So, we filled it with fruit and she was very happy!  Her girls must not get grapes very often for they were THRILLED when they found out that the grapes were REAL!  The fruit didn't last long. =) ~
~Tuesday evening we had church.  Here we are singing up front.  The Lord helped Phillip to preach.~
~Then on our way home we met up with John and his family and ate ice cream together at a fun ice cream shop run by Christians.~
~Elijah...chillin'...waiting for his ice cream to come.~
~Noah ready to dig into his ice cream.~
~Kimberly's yummy ice cream.~
~All of us together.~
~Carrie and Kimberly, Kelly and Sarah.~
~The 3 men visiting outside the ice cream shop.~
~Kelly, Sarah, and Maria Paola visiting.~
~Dear Sis. Ilce washed our clothes for us.  I thought it was cute when I saw that she had washed Mary's doll and Elijah's Curious George and had them hanging on the line together.  =) ~
~The girls and little Elijah ready to fall asleep in the living room.~
Part 3 coming up!


mmsbryan said...

I loved the pretty colorful buildings in the older part of Cartagena. Makes me wish again that we could have gone there for a visit. Thanks for taking time to give us a second part to your travel log, it was almost like being there. Loved the pretty fruit bowl you left your hostess. Love, Moma

Lorna Truesdale said...

I agree with your Moma! I love the older part of Cartegena and it's just as the book we read described ~ an unusual coincidence! So charming! Thank you for taking the time to include us on your little visit ~ it was delightful!
Aunt Nesi

Denise said...

Sorry! That was Aunt Nesi ~ not Lorna! :)

mmsbryan said...

I forgot to add that I really like the colorful touch that Ilce put to her home with the bright wooden fruit. It looked like you all were having a fun visit in their nice house. Love to all, Moma . . . again!

lila said...

Cartagena is a beautiful city. Thanks for taking us there on your blog. The ice cream shop looked so cute and the ice cream looked so yummy! So glad Jesus has given you so many fun friends there in Colombia! It saddens my heart to know you will leaving them behind soon. Thanks for all you share with us! love you all tons

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