Monday, August 13, 2012

~Miracle Monday...Cartagena part 3!~

~If you recall one reason for our taking this trip (the main reason being that we really wanted to visit our 2 churches and encourage our believers) was to celebrate Kimberly finishing 8th grade.  So, our last day in Cartagena we decided to take our family on a boat ride to a neat place called "White Beach."  We got a great deal on tickets to ride this boat with lunch included.~
~Here's Elijah, Mary, and Noah on the boat.  ~
~Kimberly, Sarah, and I on the boat.  Our shinning faces were #1 because we belong to King Jesus...and #2 because we had put on sunscreen.  =) ~
~Leaving Cartagena.~
~Jesus gave us a beautiful sunny day!~
~Cartagena in the distance.~
~We passed this fun lighthouse.~
~We found these 2 cute smiling children aboard the boat and took their picture.  =)  (That's our Mary and Elijah). ~
~Elijah found himself a little peep hole (port hole) to look out to the water.~
~Our 5 sweet kids.~
~Phillip, Noah, Elijah, and Sarah.~
~The side of our boat, the waves, and Cartagena WAY in the distance now.~
~Mommy and her sweet Mary.~
~Another lighthouse.~
~Kimberly and her little Mary.  They are inseparable!~
~Silly lil' Mary.~
~When we got to the ocean, we found this little snowman "sandman" that a previous someone had made.~
~Little Elijah really enjoyed playing in the sand....~
~When he wasn't in the water.~
~Noah, Sarah, and Elijah.~
~Sarah, Kimberly, Elijah (telling you he's 4), and Noah.~
~Our yummy lunch, which we GULPED down, so we could run back and play in the water and.....~
~and in the SAND again. =) (Our Sweet little Mary)~
~"Mr duck" (I think it must be Elijah in the duck floaty), and Sarah.~
Phillip was wearing his glasses and was holding a child in waist-deep water.  A wave came up and took his glasses off and they were GONE before he could catch them.  So, he, Kimberly and Sarah began to start feeling/looking in the dark water to TRY to see if they could locate his glasses.  They searched for quite awhile, PRAYING THE WHOLE TIME.   Kimberly later FOUND THEM with her feet...on the ocean floor SOME DISTANCE AWAY!  How we PRAISE THE LORD for helping Phillip to find his glasses!
~Little Mary, Phillip, and Elijah.~
~I was SO SAD that I missed getting a picture of our boys wearing their goggles... so I took this fun picture of our silly boys after we got back to Bogota. =) ~
Then we took the boat ride back to Cartagena, took a taxi back to Bro. Rigoberto and Sis. Ilce's house, HURRIEDLY packed our things, said our goodbyes, and ran out the door to catch our plane back to our home in Bogota.   And, yes, we were still sort of "sandy" from our day at the ocean, but there was NO TIME to clean up.
~Little EXHAUSTED Mary fell asleep while we were waiting to board our airplane...AS DID...~
~Tired little Elijah...AND even...~
~Our Noah fell asleep in his seat too.~
~Myself, Phillip, little sleeping Mary, and Noah on the airplane.~
~Sarah, little sleeping Elijah, and Kimberly happily heading back home.~
~God gave us a great 45 min. flight home to Bogota.  We nearly FROZE to death when we got off the plane.  We had been in Florida-type weather, and we arrived at night in Bogota (located in the Andes mountains), and it was a chilly 45 degrees or so.
Jesus helped us to catch a nice taxi, and we were DELIGHTED to be back to our home.  This is what the clock said when I got up to our room.  How we THANK JESUS for giving us a GREAT profitable time/fellowship/services with our people at our 2 churches, and a wonderful safe family time too!
Thanks for your prayers!~


mmsbryan said...

What a special trip for Kimberly as well as the rest of the family. God is good to allow refreshing times to those that serve Him. My head is still swimming in the hard to fathom price of a $22 plane ticket and how he helped in finding Phillip's glasses. It would have cost more than that to enter some recreational parks and God blest with all the special times and ministry as well. Kimberly, I have watched as God has chosen to use your parents, and Hausmans as well to serve a long way from your family and friends, yet He has taken you to places and allowed special treats that few could afford. WHAT A CLASS TRIP! I thank Him for His kind care of you in meeting your needs and at times wants as well. I love you, Gram

lila said...

What a fun boat trip! Kimberly probably wishes she could turn 15 several times. What a nice treat you could give her and one you all could enjoy. Love all the pics. The kids are so cute, and love the sand man. God truly takes good care of His own. Will be glad to see you all again. love and prayers

Roseanne said...

Thats a wonderful answer to prayer that you found Philips glasses. Truly amazing. Loved seeing all the pictures of your beautiful kids. Our family loves swimming and the beach too, but this mama hates sand. It's so hard to get off. LOL.

~Carla~ said...

OH! What a fun trip! It was so great to hear from you on my blog the other day, Heather. We are praying for you and your family often. Trusting the Lord to meet ALL of your needs (and even your wants) as your family gets ready to relocate! LOVE the pics of your beautiful children...that lil Mary has orneriness written ALL over! Reminds me of my Kyleigh. Hugs to you today, Carla

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Oh, these fun pictures of your beautiful family at the beach and ocean! Going to the ocean is SOOO much fun! What a delightful time to ride a boat across the waters! I know your smaller children must have really enjoyed being in a boat so close to the ocean water. Your plate of food looked like a tasty meal. AHHH! A very big thank you to King Jesus for saving Phillip's glasses, although, I know that Kimberly was the hero of the day when she yelled, "I found daddy's glasses!"
This delightful and sand-filled day was such fun to read about on your blog. And, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home, where I know you guys were happy to be, at the end of that long day at the ocean.
With much love, Mom D

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