Thursday, August 23, 2012

~You Ladies are invited...Invited to a "Tea"...~

If only you could travel this see.
(But, Oh how I WISH y'all could come be with me.  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I have invited LOTS of ladies to come to our house On Friday, Aug. 24th, for an "American Tea party."  I know it's too far for you to come....but I NEED you to be present with your PRAYERS! =)
Today and tomorrow Kimberly and Sarah will have HOME-EC days for their school ;-), and will HELP ME decorate for Fall, bake lots of goodies, and get ready for our tea.
(It's nearly always fall-ish weather here in Bogota', but especially right now.  It's been windy, rainy, and CHILLY.  So, it made me want to decorate for Fall a tad early.  Besides...Only Jesus knows when He'll help us get our Colombian paperwork and move to Argentina, so I wanted to enjoy my Fall decor as long as possible. =)
~My fun green and white polka dotted tea set Jesus gave me.~
But, not only are we going to have a FUN tea, with lots of yummy munchies, but we are inviting the Blessed Holy Spirit to be present as well.
I've asked Sis. Farly to give a devotional challenging us Ladies to draw closer to Jesus.  There may be quite a few ladies present who really need Jesus in their lives.
Some of our ladies are newer at working with Longer hair, so near the end of our party our Kimberly will be teaching our ladies some fun hair-dos.
PLEASE PRAY that our tea party will not only warm some hearts, but touch some SOULS as well.
(And while you are at it, PLEASE pray that we can get everything done on time!  =)  THANKS!
Lord willing, I'll post pics of our Tea soon.


mmsbryan said...

I already prayed for your tea (and have been for days) party this morning before seeing this post. May God use your efforts(and those of your girls)to touch ladies for Jesus. Love, Moma
PS I love your pretty tea set!

RicKaren said...

Looking forward to your pics and praying for a successful tea--all the way around!

Stephanie Burley said...

What a great outreach idea! Will be praying!

lila said...

Would love to be there, and will be in spirit. Will be praying. Love the tea set. It is my desire to open a tea room but doubt I will ever get to. Can't wait to see pics. Love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

We've been "with you" all day in prayer and in spirit! Weep! Miss you so much and praying Jesus will make himself REAL to your tea guests! And that you'll get everything done in PLENTY of time!
Laura and family

Janie said...

Enjoyed catching up on your blog, Heather! Love all the pictures of your beautiful family, your fun getaway, and your meal decorations. We missed you at camp this year! Praying for you all!

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