Saturday, August 4, 2012

~Pics from our visit to our church in Cartagena...Part 1~

A pic off the internet of Cartagena, Colombia
I'm sorry that I couldn't post my pics from our time in Cartagena earlier. We got back from visiting the Cartagena church LATE June 27th, then there were lots of sandy clothes to sort and wash, dry clothes to unpack, then there was 4th of July, the church's anniversary service/dinner, the Smiths arrived, Kimberly's quinceañera, etc.
So, are some pics of our nice days visiting our church and people in the beautiful Costal city of Cartagena.
~Here's Mary talking on the "phone" in the airplane.~
~And Elijah talking to "Uncle Daryl" in the plane.~
~ Remember me telling you the miracle that God did in getting us airplane tickets for so CHEAP? Well, we got our airplane tickets from Medellin to Cartagena ...right in the middle of vacation time for Colombians and tourist time for the rest of the world...for only $22.00 each!  MUCH cheaper than if we would have gone by bus...and only 45 mins. instead of the 14 hour bus ride!
Isn't God AMAZING?!!
Phillip, Mary, and Elijah when we arrived in Cartagena on Saturday night, June 23rd.~
~The kids and I outside of the airplane in Cartagena.~
~Waiting for our luggage to arrive.~
~Mary "helping find our luggage."  =) ~
~Sunday morning in our Cartagena church Mary was about to fall apart...she was so TIRED.  Bro. Rigoberto and Sis. Ilce had asked us to lead the singing.  Sarah and I were up front singing, Kimberly was playing her violin, and Phillip was leading singing from the pulpit.  So, he took Mary up front with him to lead singing. =) ~
~Us singing/playing up front.~
~The People worshiping Jesus!~
~Kimberly playing for offertory.  Sarah was holding her mic for her.  The girl in the pink was adjusting the mic.~
~The girls and I singing a special.~
~Bro. Rigoberto leading us in a time of prayer.~
~After Phillip got done leading singing he put Exhausted little Mary in her stroller in the back of the church and pushed her around.  She finally laid down on her little tummy, tucked her little legs underneath her, and fell sound asleep!~
~Then the Lord helped Phillip to preach that morning.~
~Jerson and Sandra and their 2 boys.~
~Some kids visiting with our kids after service.~
~Dear Sis. Nancy and I.~
~Bro. Rigoberto, Sis. Ilce, their 3 daughters, and our family.~
~Bro. Rigoberto and his family...minus one son.~
~Bro. Rigo's son, Sis. Ilce's Dad, Bro. Rigoberto, and Phillip.~
~Sis. Ilce is a great cook and made us some delicious meals.  (Of course at each place we stayed...we gave money to help pay for groceries, utility bills, etc.)  Here's a pic of our Sunday dinner.  Yum! Yum!~
~Us eating our yummy meal. ~
~Our girls and their girls playing a fun hand clapping game.~
~On Monday while Bro. Rigoberto was at work, we took Sis. Ilce and her daughters and our kids to the ocean.  We all CRAMMED into this little taxi.  There were 12 of us including the driver!~
~We were WALL-TO-WALL people in that taxi.~
~There was a restaurant near by to where we let the kids swim in the ocean (fully dressed) and so we kept our things inside the restaurant and Sis. Ilce watched everyone's things.
2 of Sis. Ilce's girls enjoying this fun hammock inside the restaurant.~

~We bought this little duck floaty for Mary...and she was NOT impressed, and wept until we took her out.  So, the other kids enjoyed the floaty.~
~Elijah and Mary playing in the sand. (They both loved the water and sand.)~
~Mary enjoying herself.~
~Our yummy lunch inside the restaurant.~
~All of us at lunch time.~
~A yummy Colombian treat.  Toasted caramelized coconut.  Yum! Yum!  Part 2 and 3 coming up.~


Denise said...

Oh, I was so glad to see these pictures! I thought we would have to wait til you came back to the States. After reading the book about Cartegena (which I told you about), Benji and I were excited to see pics of modern day Cartegena and "our" people there! That carmelized coconut looks sooooo yummy! You'll have to tell us how on a "Foodie Friday!" ;) Love you and pray you have a remarkably wonderful Sabbath!
~Aunt Nesi

lila said...

Glad you had a nice trip and a wonderful visit. It all looks so fun. Poor little Mary, glad she got a nap. love you all

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I'm still alive and well! Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted or read your blog:( we had our camp cleaning days and then camp and now it's on to sewing Jubilee's dress for my Dad's wedding! He's getting married at the end of the month! I'm also in charge of the music, so that meant planning and now practicing the music! I love that pic of Mary on the beach, it turned out perfect!
Your trip looked fun and the crowded taxi reminded me of my trip to Peru when we packed 30 young people and adults into a 15 seater van. Great memories!!! And your making them right now!!! Love and prayers, Hannah Klunder

Charity said...

Do $22 tickets even exist? ! Wow!!! Praise God for taking such good care of His money and His beloved children!!!

mmsbryan said...

Just home from camp and so glad to see this post. The food plates look wonderful and make me want some Colombian foods. $22 for a ticket, that has to be a miracle, God making it possible for Kimberly a wonderful 8th grade trip and also a time of visiting and worship with others. The beach pictures look so fun. If I were Mary I would be afraid that duck would eat me too! ;-) Love, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Uncle Daryl would LOVE to talk to you, Elijah... only your getting soooooo big and grown up now! Blink, Blink! Love you all so much and enjoyed our chat tonight after church! ((Hugs)) Laura and Family

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