Friday, April 16, 2010

~Want a Reeses candy bar?~

~Thank you for praying for me, I'm feeling better. And for praying for our internet so we can watch IHC...GOD IS ABLE!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Normally if someone asked me the question in my title, I'd be quick to say "YES" for I Love Reeses candy bars. I don't get them very often, so when I do, they are a treat. They are my favorite! But...there were a few here recently that I DID NOT want to eat! When we came back from the USA in January I brought some treasured Reeses candy bars back with us. Our kids had gone together and purchased things to give us for Christmas this year, and those candy bars were from them. Smile! I hid those in my bottom drawer...saving them for special times when I was wanting some chocolate. (We rarely can find Reeses here in Colombia.) But, then I've been so nauseated with my pregnancy that they haven't sounded good. Phillip found my hidden stash of candy the other day and asked me about it. I told him that he was welcome to have some of my Reeses candy. =) A few minutes later he told me that he had tried one and it tasted NASTY!!! He asked me, "Did you know that there was some incense in that drawer?" I said, "OH, NO!! I must have sent the kids to put it in that drawer forgetting that my TREASURED chocolate was in there too!" UGH! So, needless to say, we had to throw away all of those NORMALLY yummy candy bars for they now tasted like CINNAMON incense. YUCK!!! Later on, I was sad thinking of having to throw those away...when a little life lesson occurred to me. We as Christians are supposed to be sweet and Christ-like and influence those around us. The world is wanting to see Jesus in us. When they "get a taste of us" are we the sweet tasting Christians we should be, or do we turn them off with some disgusting taste? How about those that are the closest to us? Our dear family and friends. Sometimes people treat perfect strangers better than they do their own beloved family. May those around us be able to "taste" the love of Jesus in us! =) Now, since I don't have anymore Reeses, I think I'll have one of my no-bake cookies...those are close to a Reeses taste. =D


Daryl Hausman said...

life-lessons are SO valuable, Huh? Love you dear sis and I'm sooo sorry for the candy loss, however I am VERY thankful for the sweet life that you live for the Lord! Keep encouraged, I love you so much. Laura

lila said...

How true sweet Heather. It is always such a blessing to be around you and your family because of the sweetness that flows from your Godliness. It is my deepest desire to be more like Him. Sorry about the treasured candy being ruined. Praying for your internet. Hope it is already fixed. love you tons

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