Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~Baby Report and Easter Sunday pics~

Well, I went to the doctor today and baby is fine! He/she was moving around, and I got to see the heart beating, just precious. Babies are such miracles from God! PRAISE GOD...my placenta is completely healed. Praise the Lord and Thank you for your prayers for baby and I!!! I do have a partial placenta previa (which basically means that my placenta is lower than it should be). Right now, this isn't much of a problem, but we hope and pray that this will move...for nearer the end of my pregnancy it can cause serious complications. God is able!!
~I had Phillip snap a picture of baby and I on Resurrection Sunday, so you could see my baby bump. =D~
~On Saturday night the kids and I were making "Backs of Bunnies" rolls and "Resurrection cinnamon rolls" for Sunday. Phillip, Kimberly, and I sang "I know who Holds Tomorrow" at church on Sunday, and then went into "Because He Lives". I had asked Sarah to get a picture of us singing, but she forgot. She was trying to watch Elijah, but looked up just in time to see him WALKING UP TO THE PLATFORM TO P, KIMB. AND I AS WE WERE SINGING... CARRYING MY BAG OF CRACKERS OUT OF MY PURSE SO WE COULD HELP HIM OPEN IT. HELP! =) No wonder she forgot to take a picture. HA!~
~Here's a close up the "Backs of Bunnies" rolls we made for our Sunday dinner! This is before they are baked.~
~And after they were baked.~
~We had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. We had a good service and God helped Phillip as he preached. God's presence was very close. Praise God that Jesus is ALIVE!!! For our Easter Dessert we made "Reeces Cupcakes." We used choc. cake, and then frosted them with yummy homemade Peanut butter icing. ~
~Then to make them look Springy we colored coconut green and made little "nests" with a couple jelly beans on each cupcake. They were delicious.~
~This is the kids waiting to see their Easter baskets. Easter isn't all about gifts and new clothes, but we rejoice in this day and celebrate because Jesus AROSE from the grave!~
~Their first glimpse of their goodies.~
~My dear sister, Laura and her family sent us some yummy Easter candy with Daryl and Natasha. Thank you, Hausmans!! Since some of our kids don't have the strongest teeth, we didn't want to give them tons of candy. So, we bought a little more candy to go with what the Hausmans had sent, and then bought each of our children a gift. Sarah loves ball caps. We were glad to find this cute feminine pink and lime green pocka dotted one for her. She takes after her Grammy Eisenhart. =D We got Kimberly a nice black purse. Elijah got a duck for his bath time and a ball. And you'll see a picture of Noah with his gift below. I put some candy in the cup and bowl for my sweetheart Phillip too! =)~
~Here's our "Resurrection Cinnamon rolls" after the large marshmallow melted away leaving "An Empty Tomb!!!"~
~Here's a picture of the kids after half the day was gone. Elijah was one tired little boy. His new outfit (given to me at one of his baby showers) was black, his new shoes scraped...he's allllll boy! =)~
~Noah was thrilled with his hard hat full of tools, screws, etc.~
~"Mr. Noah the builder" hard at work. =)~
You Ask me How I know HE LIVES...HE LIVES within my Heart!


Daryl Hausman said...

Goody, I get to be the 1st to comment! Now that sounded more like my sister, than me! :) Glad that the kids liked the Easter treats! We enjoyed this post and PRAISE GOD for the news about your complete healing... I'm glad that you are still going to be careful... that little one is precious... are we thinking pink?! I KNOW Drew will say NO and agree with Bryan that boys are always best!! Love you so much, your sister, Laura

Beth said...

Praise the Lord for the healing of your placenta! He is the great Healer! I'm glad you all had a good Resurrection Sunday too. I enjoyed reading your latest missionary newsletter just a few minutes ago.. thank you to your family for that!

Anonymous said...

It is late and after a full day I just had to check on your Dr report. Thank the Lord! You are just too much like your Moma looking like an elephant the first month! ;-) I think there must be another playing hide and seek behind the sweet little one that we saw swimming around. ;-0 How cute of Elijah coming up for help from the ones doing the special song! He is such a dear. All four are or should I say, five. Glad that your day went well and you could rejoice again that Jesus lives! love, Moma

Vanessa said...

Praise the Lord for the good Doctor's report. Trusting the Lord to give you complete healing.

I made the "Resurrection Rolls" for our Junior Church kids on Saturday for the Easter Egg Hunt and Party we had for them. They were REALLY good.

We pray for you all often!

sherryldickinson said...

What a fun and to this grandma - an adorable post!
It is wonderful that your doctor was able to give you such a good report on your physical condition. Sarah is so cute from behind with those curlers in her hair. Smile.
Oh yes, we received your thank you card last Friday. We were happy to hear from you.
We love you guys!
Mom and Dad D

kira said...

I am so glad that all is going well with you and baby , praise God .

Your kids looked so cute in their outfits .How precious they all are .

Gayle said...

Glad you had a great doctors report!
Love the pictures! I am glad Sarah is following in my footsteps:) I am going to have to find me a neat hat like that one:) Love ya all!

Anita Marie said...

Heather, You got the right person. I would love to put you in contact with my friend Andriana. She needs a good church to go to. I think she's going to her family's Catholic church. Are you on facebook?

Kimberly said...

So very thankful to hear the good news! Thanks for your prayers, Heather...i know you pray faithfully and i so admire that. (i like your new blog look:)

Rob and Deanna said...

SO Happy to hear your placenta has healed! Praying for a safe travel time & delivery of your little one. :-) Forgot about these bunny rolls, :-( wished I would have seen this post before I had already shaped my Easter rolls.

danielpauledwards said...

Just stopped by to see if I could find some good news to read about you and baby!! Praise the Lord you are doing so well. I know you are relieved to know that the placenta is healing. God is good!

lila said...

Soooooo happy for the good report on you and baby. What a mighty God we serve. Your baby bump is sweet. Glad you all had a wonderful Easter. All the goodies are adorable and look delicious! Love those precious children. Looking forward to holding #5. love you tons

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