Friday, April 9, 2010

~The Hausmans' last day with us.~

~While Daryl and Natasha were here, the guys were so busy with their classes at church, that they didn't have time to do much sight seeing. So, on the Hausmans' last day with us, we wanted to take them to a neat mountain where you ride a train up the mountain and have a nice view of the city of Bogota. I did not want to lay in bed while my family went out, so Phillip and I decided that I could go, if I didn't do a lot of walking. When we got to the bottom of the mountain, they found out that they could go inside and see Simon Bolivar's house for free until 11:00 AM (normally it's pretty costy). Simon Bolivar was some important political guy here in Bogota. So, I sat at the bottom of the mountainl and waited for them for about 30 mins. or so, for there was A LOT of walking to get down to his house and back up the hill. Then, we got into the train to go up the mountain. Here is Elijah holding on to the bar in the train that we rode up the mountain.~ ~Uncle Daryl and Elijah.~
~Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, and Natasha in the train.~
~It was a STEEP ride up the mountain. Here we had just left the station!~
~Elijah loved holding onto this bar....~
~And then dropping into Uncle Daryl's arms.~
~Another train that just passed us going down as we were going up...thank the Lord for the extra track. =)~
~A neat tunnel that we went through. I say neat...normally I would have loved the tunnel. However, when I'm pregnant I get very claustrophobic!!! I nearly had a panic attack coming back down the mountain, knowing that we would have to be in that tunnel for quite a long time. I had to sit down, close my eyes and PRAY HARD, and God helped me!!~
~Coming out of the tunnel heading up the mountain.~
~I snapped this fun picture of everyone.~
~Phillip and I decided that when there were long distances for me to climb or walk...that I would get into Elijah's stroller and ride! (I haven't seen any wheel chairs for rent here!) So, I did! I tried not to look people in the eyes, but when I did, I would just laugh. At least I was getting to be out with my family and not on my couch. =D~
~Natasha, Daryl and Elijah with some of the Andes Mountains behind them.~
~A neat shot of Bogota that Kimberly took.~
~What I did a lot that day. I sat and waited when there were steps to climb or long distances to walk. I would just sit and wait and let them go and see the sights, since I have seen them before. The Lord gave us a BEAUTIFUL day and a lot of us got BURNT by the hot sun. We're still peeling, 10 days later. =)~
~Looking over the wall to the city of Bogota.~
~Noah, Elijah, and Sarah with a Llama.~
~Then, Uncle Daryl surprised our kids and took them to McDonalds. ~
Thank you, Daryl, we had a yummy lunch and a fun time with y'all! (Sarah moved the camera when she took this it's a little blurry.)~
~Then we took the Hausmans to a market to get some souvenirs and then back home for them to pack and run out the door to fly home to Ohio. I was sooo tired, I felt sorry for them having to get on a plane and travel all night. Here are Natasha, Kimberly and I looking like lobsters.~
~Saying those goodbyes as they left for the airport! We purposely did NOT let Elijah see them leaving, or he would have cried for a long time! Thank you again, Daryl and Natasha for allll you did for our family and the churches here in Colombia. We loved having y'all here! May God richly BLESS you both!!~


kira said...

I got travel sickness just looking at those pics lol.

Elijah is just adorable hanging on to the bar .
I am glad Daryl and Natasha had a good trip to Colombia .

God bless you all.

lila said...

wow!!!! That was a nice fun day, I enjoyed it. Thanks for all the neat things you share with us on your blog.So glad the Hausmans had a such a nice visit of course you cant help but have a nice visit when it is with you awesome folk. love you tons

sherryldickinson said...

I love your picture at the top of your blog! The two pictures of the city of Bogota's jam-packed buildings are awesome! I believe I would have a heart attack when the up train and the down train passed each other! OHHHHH, how adorable my grandchildren are! Bless dear Natasha and Daryl for coming and helping you guys! For sure, Daryl and Natasha got COOKED by the sun! So many times when I see Phillip in your blog pictures, he looks so much like my Mom's brother, Uncle Danny, looked when he was younger and before his hair turned gray.
This post made me wish I could do a sight-seeing day in Bogota', too!
I am so glad that things are better in 'Calvin's' current housing! Smile.
Love, Mom D

Stephen & Jenny said...

This is Jenny Troyer. You may not remember me, but I'll never forget you! You took time for this "heart-broken" college girl when you visited AWC a few years ago. I have been happily married now for three years and we were blessed with a wonderful little girl, Julia. God is so good! I am excited to find your blog and keep up with your family!
We have a little spot at if you ever get a free moment to check it out.

Ronda said...

Enjoyed the pictures! You look adorable with your baby bump! :) Hope that you all are doing well...God bless!

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