Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~Prayer request, Company, and Flowers~

SPECIAL REQUEST!! We are having computer and internet trouble. With next week being IHC, I am PRAYING that God will help us to be able to hear/see all of the services. However, with the trouble we have been will take a MIRACLE! I have always LOVED IHC and since we cannot be there, watching services on line really helps our hearts! Please help us pray that we will be able to watch IHC. Thank you!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~I went to church on Sunday and the Lord gave us a good service. Bro. Jimmy preached a wonderful needed sermon. After church we invited Felipe and Paula home for Sunday dinner!~~We bought this cute hat for Kimberly. When we bought it, I told her that her Mommy will probably want to wear it some too. =D~
~This week my friend Marisol wanted to go to a neat flower market that we went to a year and a half ago. So Phillip kept our boys, and the girls and I met Marisol about 8:00 AM and went to that HUGE flower market. You can't tell much about it in this picture, but there are Thousands of flowers for sell and for GREAT prices. We got there around 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning. In Colombian we can normally buy flowers for CHEAP...but since the sellers had been there since 5:00 AM they were ready to wrap up and gave us BEYOND CHEAP prices.~
~I got 3 packs of Cali Lilies (the white flowers) probably about 21 flowers or more, for just $2.50! I used those in my wedding bouquet and my Moma told me that when we got married, Cali Lilies cost $25.00 a Flower!!! WOW! I gave Marisol one pack of these flowers that I bought.~
~Marisol bought me these beautiful yellow roses.~
~We thought that these flowers were beautiful. They don't look real. I love them in the vase that Juan Martin made for me out of bamboo.~
~Kimberly bought me these gorgeous choral-colored flowers for an early Mother's Day gift. She got them for 50 cents a pack!~
~I got these peach roses...14 roses for 50 cents! Needless to say, with such good prices we have lots of beautiful flower arrangements in our home right now. =)~
~We think that these white flowers are Narcissus. They have a beautiful smell. In the middle are 2 miniature pineapples. After buying flowers, then we pulled our cart into the HUGE market there and bought some fresh fruit and veggies and then we ate a cheap but yummy breakfast with Marisol before saying our goodbyes.~
After getting home and making all of my flower arrangements, I took a nap. I had planned to get up and get lots done. Little did I know that when I got up I'd be hit with either a reaction to something I ate, or a virus. UGH! I had a horrible long night last night. I'm trusting Jesus to help me get better soon.


Angie Davis said...

Praying your computer behaves throughout IHC! I'm not able to go this year either, so I'll be watching it from Indiana. Blessings...

lila said...

Trusting Jesus to help the computer situation for the IHC. We plan to be there all day Thurs. Wow what beautiful flowers, prices like that one could afford to keep real bouquets all the time. Glad you are able to be out and about. love you tons

kira said...

It is nice to hear that you were able to get out and about .

The flowers are beautiful .

I will pray that your computer/internet works well for you and that you are able to heal from your virus .

God bless .

~Regina~ said...

So glad you and baby are doing okay! Your flowers are beautiful!!!! Said a prayer that your computer situation will work out so you'll be able to watch IHC next week! :)

Daryl Hausman said...

All your flowers are gorgeous! I love those deep red ones too! Isn't it great the blessings that Jesus gives us along the way, just because He can?! Praying for your IHC connection, LOTS!!! love ya, Laura

Ann Flower said...

Nice blog. you are lucky to receive such a beautiful flower arrangement. It was nice going through your blog. keep on posting.

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