Sunday, April 18, 2010

~9 Guests and a recipe~

~Today Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly, their girls, Bro. Jimmy's parents, and his sister Judy and her family came over for Sunday dinner. This was my first time since I've been expecting to have so many guests over, but the Lord gave me strength to get it all done and go to church too. =) I decided to go with a simple menu. I made a yummy soup called "Taco Soup", a big salad, and served my whole wheat bread.~While my bread was cooling on the was eye level and within reach of our littlest boy. I told Elijah NOT to touch my bread...and then I went into my kitchen and was working and I looked out to see this...
He was REALLY wanting some bread...But...he was a good boy and didn't touch it. =)
~For our dessert I made a carrot cake with yummy homemade Cream cheese frosting. Kimberly and I dyed a part of the icing orange, and another part green and made "carrots" on top of our cake.

~We really enjoyed having everyone here and they seemed to enjoy their time too. We had some good discussions and a nice time visiting together.~
~Jimmy's Mother and brother-in-law helped wash up all of the dishes. What a HUGE help to me. =) Here is Jimmy's Sister and Mother helping me in my kitchen.~
~Kimberly and Lady visiting in Kimberly and Sarah's room.~
~Sarah, Gaby and Noah smiling for the camera. I didn't get a picture of Elijah nor of little David (Jimmy's nephew) for they were taking naps.~
Here is the recipe for that yummy Taco soup that I served today! Sarah Rundell Robberts gave me this recipe. Enjoy!
~Taco Soup~
1 lb. ground beef, browned and drained.
2 cans corn, undrained.
2 cans of beans (about 3 cups) undrained.
16 oz. salsa
1 qt. tomato juice
1/4 cup taco seasoning.
Mix all ingredients and heat thoroughly.
Serve with grated cheese, taco chips and sour cream.
It's fast, easy and yummy!


Kim M. said...

That picture of your little guy staring at the bread is so cute (and funny!). What a good boy! Your meal looks and sounds delicious~

kira said...

I dont blame Elijah , that bread looked Yummy .

It is nice that you are able to get out and about as i know how hard it can be to stay indoors all the time .

Have a great week .

Daryl Hausman said...

MMmmmm! Sounds Yummy! We are missing you all this week. Praying for your internet connection. Darla asked me where she should stand, for she wants to wave at you all!!! So NOW you know how to pray for ME this week! :) We love you so much! Love your sis, Laura and family
P.S. When Natasha saw that Pic of Elijah looking at the bread, she said, "Oh, I miss that little guy so much!"

lila said...

I am happy you all have sooo many friends. I praise Jesus for you all are doing there. The bread looks so yummy. Poor Elijah having to resist such a temptation. What a doll he is. Thanks for the receipe sounds good, can't wait to try it. love you tons

Janie said...

Love all your new pics. The soup sounds delish-will have to try it. Hope your doing ok and your internet is back up :)

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