Monday, October 15, 2007

~Our Sunday and our Family Day~

Here's a picture of Phillip and our children heading off to church last Sunday morning. They all looked so nice, that I wanted a picture of them. Phillip and our children had good services on Sunday and God helped them. God gave us a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, and then later it poured the rain. I'm sad that I cannot go to church with them right now, but it shouldn't be too many more weeks and I should be able to endure the 1 hour bus ride THERE AND BACK and the horrible smells (both inside the bus and out...FOR WE PASS A PLACE WHERE THEY SKIN DEAD ANIMALS AND IT SMELLS WORSE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE IN THAT AREA!) I had a ROUGH day at home Sunday but later that evening God helped me get my dishes done and mix up some of our friend Aunt Nesi's pumpkin bread for a little snack for my family. So for now until I get over my nausea I "attend" Hobe Sound Bible Church services in my home each Sunday via live streaming video. I love it that since I cannot go to church I have a good Holiness service to watch and on top of that it's in English, and I know LOTS of people there too, so that makes it fun. I feel God's presence while I'm watching those services and many times I'm crying and blessed along with the people that are there in the service. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Today was our family day, and we ENJOYED getting a phone call from Mom and Dad D. this morning. Thanks Dad and Mom! =) We didn't do much until this afternoon and we decided to take our kids to a nearby park. It was all sunny and then all of the sudden on the way there it started raining. UGH! So when we got to the park, we hid under a bridge and PRAYED that it would stop, and then when it pretty much quit we let our kids play for a little while. The Lord gave me a pretty good day today, which made me happy. I forgot the camera, but we had a nice little time in the park. I don't get out too much right now, so all the walking we did was good exercise for baby and I. =) We found out that this was a holiday today (it seems that every other Monday is a holiday here), and that the little boat rentals at that park were opened today (normally only open on Sat. and Sun.), but we got there about 10 minutes after the boat rentals closed. Oh well, I guess we can do that another day, for our children are dying to do that. =D We got some snacks while we were out, and just enjoyed being together.
My little Sarah made me this cup of hot tea, got out a little tray, put the roll on it, and wrote me a little note. She was SOOOO EXCITED to be doing this, that she was jumping with joy and clapping as she was getting it ready for me. =) She's a sweetheart.
I'm posting this yummy salad that our Nicaraguan friend Rosita made for us while we lived in Costa Rica. It may sound disgusting, but we really enjoy it.
Happy Healthy Eating!
~Raw Cauliflower Salad~
In large bowl combine the following:
Wash and chop up one whole head of Cauliflower into very SMALL pieces.
Wash and chop up one or two fresh tomatoes into 1/4 inch pieces
Finely Chop up one green onion (or more to your taste)
Squeeze one lemon or two small limes into salad
Salt to taste.
Mix well and allow to stand for at least one hour before serving, stirring often to let flavors blend. If your family is like mine, there probably won't be too much salad left over to put away. We love the blend of the salt and lemon juice and the fresh veggies. =)


kayla said...

I'll have to start randomly waving during church, that way if the camera should catch me you will know it's for you.

Sherry L said...

We LOVED talking to you guys this morning! I have been missing all of you badly. Noah's slow talking made me laugh, Ruh-Ruh is so cute, Kimberly with all of her stories was interesting-I hated to have to hang up the phone. Thank you for sharing all of your news with us, over the phone lines. Love, Mom & Dad D

Kimberly said...

Glad you are "somewhat" taking it easy...and that the friend from your church was able to help w/the housework...bless your heart. I have never had "your issues" :) but definately recommend peppermints for nausea. Love & Prayers.

Making Memories 1999 said...

What precious children you all have -- helpful girls and a cute & funny little guy!! I love his little quotes that you gave! And so glad you have a computer and internet access so you can "attend" church while you're not feeling well! Thank the Lord for these "little" blessings!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!! God bless!!

Leah said...

I am with Kayla! We need to adopt our own little signal so that you know we are saying hi to you!!!

Les said...

I'm so sorry you aren't able to get out much. I think you are wise to not try and endure that bus ride! I'm thankful we have technology that allows you to "attend" service with friends. God's presence is everywhere!

southernsweetie99 said...

Bless your heart!!!! I was the same way with all of my children. I will be praying that you are soon back to baking and daily activities! Lemons always helped me. Congratulations on the baby! ~Lisa

Vonnie said...

The salad sounds awesome.. of course, you know me and lemons and salt!! :)Looks like a beautiful day in Colombia... Sunday. Sorry you still aren't feeling well, this too shall pass. :) And it's worth it all in the end!

Kim M. said...

Great picture of your family. I'm sorry you are so sick...
The cauliflower salad sounds good to me :-)
Sarah looks so sweet... you are raising thoughtful girls!

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