Monday, October 8, 2007

~Bragging on my oldest brother, Andrew!~

Ladies, you may not normally be into reading hunting stories, but this is a hunting story of my brother, Andrew, who lives in AK, and I think that the pics are NEAT! EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THAT MY BROTHER IS AN AWESOME HUNTER...this story kept me on the edge of my seat, and made me nervous. Some of you may have seen it on my sis-n-law, Vonnie's blog, but she gave me permission to put it on mine! (The rest below is from Vonnie's blog! The captions for each pic are BELOW the pics! If you double click on each pic, they should get bigger!) ~BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BELTS AND ENJOY! =)
Well, Andrew, Drew, Max and Tom went hunting. Tom and Max left Saturday morning from Ft. Yukon, in the boat. Andrew and Drew flew in the Cub on Monday, found Max and Tom and flew them further into the hunting territory. I don't know what day Tom got a moose, but he and Andrew packed out meat until it was too late to do any more and then went in the next day about 8:30 in the morning. As they were approaching the site where the moose was they heard a rustling. Andrew told Tom to get his rifle ready and they kept looking to see what was coming at them. Then they saw it, a GRIZZLY that had claimed Tom's moose for his own. He was coming to get whatever was getting too close to his meat. Andrew had left his rifle with Drew, it was then that he became aware that his .454 Casull had better do the trick. He fired three times. Immediately after the first shot the bear started turning around and around. The first two shots probably got him, Andrew thinks the third shot was a little high.

This is the monster. It squared 7'6" or 7'8", which is really big for an interior grizzly. We took it by Fish and Game this morning and had the head measured - it was 24 5/16" which would put it in the Boone and Crockett record book if Andrew wanted to go to the trouble to do it. He doesn't think he will but it is nice to know that it would get in.
Drew got a picture taken by it, although he wasn't there when it was shot. He thought it was pretty neat that his dad got such a big bear.

Here is the paw/claws of the bear. [HAVE A HUGE PAW AND CLAWS!!!] The .454 shell is about 2 inches long. Fish and Game said it was about a 15 yr old bear.

Here is a picture of Andrew and Drew in the plane. Andrew got in about 18 hours of flying while on this hunt. I'm really glad he's getting in time.... the more experience he gets, the less nervous I'll be when he takes me up. :) ~Vonnie!~


Denise said...

OOOOOOOO! That is INCREDIBLE! The whole family gathered around the computer and looked at the pics as I read the story. DJ is really impressed with the plane. Is it your brother's plane?
Isn't blogging wonderful? Keeping up with your brothers life in Alaska while you're in South America!
I gave your sister a loaf of pumpkin bread and a few goodies for her house all fixed up in a little basket last night at church. So nice to finally meet her. She's a sweet lady. (I had to do something "Heatherish" to help her feel at home ;) ).
Aunt Nesi

Vonnie said...

Nice Heather! Thanks for the sweet words. Andrew will think that is so special!!

Janella said...

OOO my goodness! I think that is so cool, I think I would be a tad shaky:)

I need to tell you Congrats!!! I'm so happy another little one is coming you way:0)
I'll pray for you pregnancy negatives. Love, Janella

Gayle said...

Wow! Congratulations Andrew!
Can you imagine something like that coming at you!

cincymarge said...

Hey Heather I just found your blog today through Deanna's. How are you all doing? Love reading your blog!!! For some odd reason cannot view the pics:( Hope you are having a blessed day!

Margaret Wallace Gidisa

Beth said...

Wow, I don't think I would want to see one of those up close!!!
Glad they are ok and killed the bear.

Love you all

Sayler Family Blog said...

Looks like an exciting hunt! How do I get there? My life long dream has been to kill a Grizzly Bear like that! Tell your brother I'll trade an elk hunt for a hunt in Alaska:)

Lavy Country said...

You are right, Heather, Wayne will find this very interesting. He had several encounters with black bear in Co. That Grizzly is huge! I'm glad your brother's shots were good.

Les said...

Wow! Not something I would want to encounter!
Praying your feeling well!

Eileen said...

Heather I enjoyed the story of your brother that is something. We have some bears around here but not like that. They are more up north further. But they have had them down in our area. I guess with all the new housing developements going up they are trying to find places to go. Thanks again for sharing. Love Ya!

Liz said...

Phillip and I read this and looked at the pictures and he is in awe that Andrew shot and killed the bear with the pistol. I am so glad that he killed it before it could do any harm. Thank the Lord! Whew! I would have passed out from sheer fright! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Cook said...

I think the bear would have just had to eat tme, because I think I would have passed out just seeing it coming toward me. Wow, I will have to share this with my husband... He likes to hunt, but has only shot deer and maybe squirrels... I can't imagine A GRIZZLY story!

Kim M. said...

I showed this to Michael when Vonnie posted this on her blog. He is a BIG hunter, but hasn't had opportunity to hunt bear yet. He said he'd love to hunt one. It would make me nervous! That thing was HUGE! Just the foot with all those claws is amazing!

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