Sunday, May 13, 2007

~We had a Happy Mother's Day & Sunday~

~Uncle John & Aunt Lana got these matching sweaters for we girls~

We had a good Mother's Day. We bought some cute platters to pass out to our Mothers of our 2 churches. I wanted to tie a pretty bow around them, but when you haul everything on VERY CROWDED just have to forget some of the non-essential things that you want to do. =) We had a good morning service and Phillip spoke on Prov. 31, the virtuous lady! There were 13 Mothers in our morning service, and Phillip thanked all of the Mothers for all they are, and have been, and have done, and then Kimberly, Phillip and I sang a trio of a pretty Mother's Day song for them, and then he prayed for we Mothers. He presented an extra gift (a cute little Welcome sign) to the OLDEST MOTHER, THE MOTHER WITH THE MOST KIDS, THE MOTHER THAT HAD A BIRTHDAY CLOSEST TO THAT DAY, AND THE MOTHER THAT HAD WALKED THE FARTHEST. You see, IN OUR CHURCH NEIGHBORHOOD...It is NOT a good idea to HONOR the youngest Mothers...for we have A LOT OF UNWED TEENAGE GIRLS THAT ARE NOW MOMS!! ALSO, we wanted to recognize the Mother with the YOUNGEST BABY...BUT THAT WAS NOT POSSIBLE, FOR THE YOUNGEST BABY JUST DIED 3 DAYS AGO. =( The Mothers were so touched with Phillip's kind words, prayer and they LOVED THEIR GIFTS!! Out of 13 Mothers...WE HAD 2 LADIES THERE THAT EACH HAD 15 CHILDREN!! WHEW!!! =) The lady in the green pants had 15, AND DIANA that just lost her baby, is #9 of her 15 children. Also, the older lady in front of me, to the left had 15 too. =)

Diana, the Mommy of the baby that just died was there, and God seems to be helping her. Diana and Jason showed us where their home was, and invited us in for coffee and a roll. It was nice getting to know them better, they are so sweet.
~This is Diana & Jason, that lost their baby. I was glad to see that Diana does have this cute, little girl to help heal her hurting heart.~

Because of that GOOD VISIT, we got home at 2:30, and needed to leave around 3:30 for our evening service. BUT, THAT WAS OK...FOR YESTERDAY I HAD ASKED PHILLIP TO PLEASE BUY US SOME...


FOR OUR SUNDAY DINNER, SO I WOULD NOT HAVE TO COOK. I DID MAKE FRESH GRAPE JUICE AND A PIE TO GO WITH THE TAMALES! =) SO, OUR MEAL TURNED OUT YUMMY! The tamales here are wrapped in Platano leaves (like a banana), and are made out of Masa, pork, chicken, vegetables, rice, garbanzo beans, and egg. Sounds yucky, but we LOVE them!
Tonight, we had a good service in our other church, and had 7 Mothers there. They too really appreciated the kind words, the prayer, our song, and the gifts. Also, there was a Mother there that had 10 children. =) (When I was younger, I use to want 12 kids...THAT IS...until I got more KNOWLEDGE ON THE SUBJECT. =)

God gave us a great Lord's Day and Mother's Day and for that we thank him.
God bless each of y'all! And thanks tons for your prayers!!


Linda S said...

Dear Heather,
Modern technology is wonderful. It is so great to learn of your day,,,the day it happened....before going to bed. I identify with the beginnings of your ministry. You've got a great start.
Aunt Linda

Vonnie said...

Nice pictures, thanks for the picture of the young couple whose baby died. It is nice to see faces of the names we've been praying for. That baby girl is darling!! The tamales look wonderful and sound wonderful too. I can't wait to eat some authentic ones in November.. we are going to Guatemala and Honduras then. You are a great mother Heather, thank you for your beautiful example!! Love, Vonnie

Kimberly said...

15 children...good grief!! Bless her heart!! Glad you had the good-lookin tamales waiting vs. having to cook!:)

Kelly S said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Heather. It makes me feel like I know better what I'm praying for.

I love to get my children involved in praying for missionaries. At IHC, I got to introduce them to a few that we have been praying for and they loved that. I have told them a little bit about you. They love to see the pictures of your children and I read them your stories. We have added you to our family prayer list. Maybe someday the will get to meet you too!

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Sounds like you had a busy day, as usual. :-) HAPPY MOTHER's Day!!

Beth Dickinson said...

WOW 15.....That a lot. I think I have my hands full with just ONE little guy.

Looks like you had a great Mother's Day.

We love and miss you all


Sherry L said...

Yes, knowledge on a subject does change some things-like having 12 kids, for instance. You made me laugh there, Heather. What an eventful day and times leading up to that busy day, you all had once again. I appreciate so much what you are endeavoring to do for Jesus. Love, Mom/Dad Dickinson

Monte & Amy said...

Sounds like you a a busy, but nice Mother's day. I do love to read your stories. Hope you had a grat Mother's day with your wonderful children
love Amy

CrazieChrisa said...

Sorry I haven't commented you back cuz I've never been able to find your blog until today:-D I love all the comments you leave on David and I's blogs:-D I love hearing from you!!! It makes you feel like your hear unstead of MILES away:-D Your kids have gotten SOOOOO big!!! And VERY cute:-D Luv ya lots!!!

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