Wednesday, May 2, 2007

~Now more counter space...I have a happy face!~

Like I mentioned before, when we first got here to Colombia we had sooo many things to buy that it has taken TIME to get the things that we needed. Most of you know that I LOVE COOKING AND BAKING and do a lot of it...but one thing that made it hard, was the amount of COUNTER SPACE I HAD TO WORK WITH!! I had a space that was exactly 8" x 10" and that was the extent of my counter space. Thank the Lord, that I have a large dinning room table, so that is where I have done all of my kitchen work. (Hauling things into the dinning room and then back! =)

~The SMALL space in front of the mixer was MY COUNTER SPACE!!~


I know you don't normally use PINE DRESSERS in a kitchen,... BUT THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE MOST LOVED AND APPRECIATED PINE DRESSER YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! I feel like I have LOTS of counter space now that I have 2'! =)


Vonnie said...

Very nice! So glad you found something that would work for you, even if it is a pine dresser. Love, Vonnie

Connie Lavy said...

What a nice find. Your kitchen looks so nice. I know you are a great cook from you're being at Mike & Beth's house. You've made a beautiful home for your family.
God Bless you all!

Jana said...

Hey-that's great, Whatever works, huh??!! I'm really enjoying your blog!! Keep writing!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Praying for your hearts... Pine dressers... that is something WE UNDERSTAND too! Love your missionary sister on the other side of the ocean, Laura,I love U!

Sherry L said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful with your new cabinet installed and it fits just perfectly. I am happy that my cinderella found a bit of counter space to work on to cook and bake for her family, friends, and for Jesus. You have no idea of all the memories you are leaving in others minds with the goodies you have made and given away to your church people. Love Mom/Dad Dickinson

Gayle said...

That looks Great! Even your picture without counter space looks so organized.
Love Ya,
Sis E

The Going Blog said...

You are one amazing lady. I will not complain about the lack of countertop space again. Mine is slighty more than yours but I don't have that beautiful mixer :) I think I need to develop my reputation for baking before I deserve it. Your Mother trained you well, she must feel proud when she sees how you can take lemons and make lemonade or in this case a dresser into a kitchen counter.
Love, Martha G

Kim M. said...

Wow Heather! Love the new counter space pictures You are one creative girl!
Thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog. I am so glad you found the sourdough bread recipe in our cookbook. Hope you enjoy it! Speaking of "Dad Sankey"... he is a wonderful pastor and friend. We are so BLESSED to have such a godly leader in our church.
By the way... I think years ago I stopped at your parents' house with a group. We may have been on a short term missions trip or choir outing or something. (I went to BMCS in Pell City, AL). The biggest 2 things I remember were your siblings wedding pictures and how sweet your mother was. FOr some reason I can only remember a few details. But I know it was your parents because I remember one of the boys in my class asked where you were. Isn't that funny?!
Anyway... thanks again for commenting on my blog. I check yours all the time and I am praying for you and your family!

Beth Dickinson said...

Im so glad you found that dresser for your kitchen. It looks great there. I know you need all the room in your kitchen you can get. I wish I like to cook like you.;-)
Your the best.

~Heather~ said...

Thank you Mommy for being my Mommy! And for teaching me fun things, and how to serve God.
Thank you for raising me, to not scream, and to happily obey my Mommy and Daddy. =)

I love you,
~Your Sarah~ =0

Tara said... sweet!

Heather, in praying for you this morning, I was wondering more about your missionary 'assignment'. Are you in Columbia for a particular term, timewise? Do you have a furlough scheduled for the near future? And I believe I read you're serving under your local church; do you raise your support through them or other means?

Wow! I hope this didn't come off too nosy!! Just wondering!


~Heather~ said...

~Heather~ said...
Hey Kim M. ...thanks for signing my blog again. Yes, you are right, that group from your school was at my parents house when they lived in South Dakota...and I even know which young man of your group asked about me...for my Mother told me about it later. =) That is funny! That's neat that you were among that group. =) Take care and have a GREAT day in Jesus!
Love, Heather

~Heather~ said...

~Heather~ said...
Dear Tara,
No, your questions were fine. Phillip felt it on his heart for us to come to Colombia. Then he asked our church in Goshen, Ohio (Carl Eisenhart's the pastor) if we could go out under them. They agreed. We then traveled around doing deputation for 8 months, raising our support. We're not sure when we'll take the next deputation...but probably in 2008 sometime. Bro. Mark Becker is our missions director...And we could ask for NO BETTER director. He and his wife are just the best! Hope I've answered all of the ?'s. If not, it's fine to ask more! =)
Love, Heather

Roseanne said...

Its so beautiful Heather, It looks so organized and your little apple decorations look very classy. You did a really great job. I am going to try your muffin recipie. I am going to write soon, I promise.
love ya

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Nice counter, Heather! MY counter space is not very big either, but it's more than you have, time I wish for more space I'll try to remember yours. :-) Your "country" apple looks real familiar. I use to have one just like it. You have such a cozy looking home, great work making a home out of what you have! :-)

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