Monday, May 14, 2007

~More about my Mother's Day~

One of my Mother's Day gift was a CLEAR GLASS "FISH BOWL" (as PHILLIP CALLS IT)... THAT I WANTED TO BUY TO USE AS A PUNCH BOWL! =) I don't think they sell punch bowls here, and this is just a large, round, decorative bowl, so it will work just fine. I'll show you a pic of it our daughter's kindergarten graduation that we are planning to have here in our home on June 2nd.) Another Mother's day gift is that Phillip took us out to eat on Saturday.
~Our family, Carlos & Gloria, & some nice missionaries from Brazil that we met.~

I tried to take pictures of the CUTE notes that my girls made me, but they did not turn out...and our scanner is not working right now. Phillip also got me a red rose too. (He might have gotten more roses, since they are sooo cheap here, but yet so beautiful, but I already had some pretty white and red roses that Amparo had gotten me. I had a very Happy Mother's Day! =)
~My roses from Amparo~


Patty said...

So glad you had a good Mothers Day.
It is easy to tell that you are a wonderful mother, your children reflect that.
I was curious what the weather is like there. I noticed that you and your church people are still wearing sweaters.
Have a happy day,

~Heather~ said...

Dear Patty, thanks for signing my blog. I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's day with your sweet family.
You asked what kind of weather we are having...Bogota normally has 2 seasons during the year...RAIN season and DRYER season...but since we are 9,000 ft. above sea level and live near the mountains (and both of our churches are IN THE MOUNTAINS) we almost always wear a sweater or at least have a jacket with us...for it's nice, but chilly here. Our house is made out of concrete with NO I normally have a sweater or coat on in my home too. I've always been one to get cold easy. =)
Have a great day...touching and molding your 5 children for Jesus.
Love, Heather =)

Connie Lavy said...

I am so glad you had a nice Mother's Day. You are a good mother and wife. Your Mothers Day flowers are beautiful. God Bless You this week as you work for the Lord!

~Heather~ said...

sarah =) 6 =)

Sherry L said...

It was nice hearing what you received for Mother's Day, and it was nice seeing the pictures of the friends with you at the restaurant. Love, Mom/Dad Dickinson

Making Memories 1999 said...

Glad you had a blessed Mother's Day! God bless you all!!

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