Wednesday, May 16, 2007

~Look who's graduating from Kindergarten~

~I had never written a poem in Spanish before, but God, Carlos & Gloria helped me to write one to include inside of Sarah's graduation announcement.~

Our Sarah will be graduating on Sat. June 2nd. YEA! She is sooo excited. She has worked VERY hard on her school work and only has about 10 Paces left! We are planning on having a nice graduation here, with refreshments (American food) afterward. The graduation will mostly be in Spanish since all of our guest speak only Spanish. =) We have a lot to get done, and a lot of food to make, but we are excited about her graduation! I LOVE being her teacher...she's a great student.
~We snapped this fun picture at a nearby park~

Sarah is using Kimberly's OLD PACES from you know what that means...Erase, Erase, the time I erase her 5 Paces, I'm ready for a nap. =) So, yesterday I asked Phillip to help me.

~I'm cracking up in this picture, for Phillip told Kimberly to HURRY AND TAKE THE PICTURE BEFORE HE ERASED A HOLE IN THAT ONE SPOT IN THAT PAGE. =)~


Beth Dickinson said...

That’s great that she is almost done! I can’t believe Sarah that you are even big enough to be in school. GOOD JOB.

Heather and Phillip wish I could have been there to help you erase. I would have helped you. All you had to do was invite me

Love you All

Gayle said...

Congratulations Sarah!
You will make a great Spanish teacher some day! Look at all the words you taught Bro Eisenhart!:)

Sherry L said...

We are so happy that Sarah got to start school this year. She waited & waited for that happy event; and how wonderful that Melinda Shirk was able to find those Paces Sarah needed before you left for Colombia on the plane. Also, thank God the missing suitcase was found at the Bogata airport 10 days later with those needed Paces for Sarah. What an awesome God we serve! Mom/Dad Dickinson

Monte & Amy said...

Congratulations Sarah well done. You are growing up to fast ;) You look really cute in your cap and gown, wish we could come to your graduation.
Heater looks like you and Phillip were having a great time erasing ;)
Love Amy

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

LOL you guys are so goofy! :-} I can just hear Phillip saying that & I would be cracking up too. You Dickinsons are good medicine for us, because I think that we probably Laugh more when you are here then the whole year!
Oh, do I remember the days of erasing PACEs. We had to do it in PNG too.;-#

Jana said...

Congrats Sarah!!! I have just started erasing Khara's ABeka science book for Kelsey. You sure learn which erasers are "good ones". :-) Anything to save a little $!!

Vonnie said...

Congratulations Sarah!! Good job! Wish we could celebrate with you!! Love, A. Vonnie

Sankey Family said...

I'm laughing, too - that picture is too funny. I can just hear Marc saying something similar.

Sarah, congratulations on your Kindergarten graduation - what a milestone! We'll look forward to seeing pictures of your graduation.

You "erasers" - you must be better homeschool moms than I - I haven't erased a PACE yet. Maybe my time's coming.

~ Melodie

Miss Janet said...

Nice keys and pic of Sarah... hehe... wow, that day has come in handy,huh?!? That was so much fun. I was hired to take Cher's daughter Natalie's pics the other day... they're adorable.... I'll e-mail you a couple!! :) Love ya!!

Emily Pilmore said...

Happy graduation Sarah!You are getting so big!

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