Friday, May 25, 2007

~From a Missionary wife's heart~

I remember when I had just become a missionary, and everything was DIFFERENT, NEW and H-A-R-D...and my missions director's wife teasingly said that she was "jealous" that I got to go to the missionfield...Help us! I told her that she could go in my place. =) Then a little later on I heard a M. K. who was now a missionary herself say, "My Mom always told people NOT to feel sorry for us because we were missionaries!" As a new missionary...I had to think that over for awhile...the way I was feeling right then, I didn't mind if people DID FEEL SORRY FOR ME!! =) My house had been torn apart, my things divided 6 different ways (1. to keep, 2. to sell, 3. to give away, 4. to take to language school in Costa Rica, 5. to take to Colombia with us, and 6. to take on our 8 month deputation where we nearly lived in the VAN with 3 small children...Noah was 6 months). I was also wondering where the "REAL HEATHER WAS", was fighting Culture shock in Costa Rica, trying to be a wife and Mommy of 3 children...while attending school each day and trying to learn a new language, and I was missing my family, my friends, my country and my CULTURE big time. But...God has helped me since then, and I can honestly say today "PLEASE DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR OUR FAMILY BECAUSE WE ARE MISSIONARIES!" For we are in GOD'S will here in Colombia...and there is SATISFACTION being in God's will!! I can say that had I been drawing out of a hat for what I WANTED IN LIFE...I would not have chosen to leave my country, family, and friends, AND MOVE TO DANGEROUS COLOMBIA...but I serve ONE THAT LOVES ME MORE THAN I CAN EVEN FATHOM, AND SO IF HE SAW IT BEST TO CALL US TO COLOMBIA, WHO AM I TO QUESTION?! I also will say that LIFE IS NOT EASY ON A MISSION FIELD...but that I have decided that God being my helper, I will PURPOSE TO ENJOY BEING HERE...FOR THIS IS WHERE GOD HAS PLACED ME! (US!) Many of you have heard the expression, "If Mamma ain't HAPPY, ain't NOBODY HAPPY!" And I've found that to be true. I could go around moping and WISHING I were back in the USA, or wishing I were with my family and friends there, and I'd be miserable, my family would be miserable and I would WISH my life away. But, I'm determined to ENJOY our years here, and make it a WONDERFUL experience for my family. Both Phillip and I feel that God gave us our family FIRST...before he gave us a we put our family FIRST after God. We never want our children to have to say,"My Dad was always gone serving others," or "My parents never had time for us"...NO...We are a family, we go places together, we minister together, and we serve Jesus and enjoy life together. Now there are down times, and discouraging times (that's part of culture shock, and even life) but I try to bake something yummy, play games with the kids, take them to the park, or do something fun, and practice what Phil 4:4 says:

~Rejoice in the Lord ALWAY: and again I say, REJOICE.~

So, Don't feel sorry for us, .....but THANKS to each of you for your thoughts, LOVE, concern, and PRAYERS FOR US!! =) Your prayers help us be the lights here in Colombia that we want to be for Jesus! Thanks Bunches!


Anonymous said...

How True! we LOVE serving Jesus and fight the devil IN HIS NAME to keep our Man and our children happy and on the UPWARD path. May we all make Heaven AT ANY COST and take our precious families with us, and God willing plant seeds that will bring souls to Jesus from Columbia and Romania.
Your our favorite missionaries... Love you much, Laura and family, RO

Leah said...

Heather - thanks for the reminder that no matter where we are.... we can choose to be happy in the CENTER of HIS will!!!

kayla said...

I don't feel one bit sorry for you. In fact I am a little bit jealous.
You and Sonja both posted last night about the joy of being in God's will. I agree that there is no better place to be.

~Heather~ said...

Thank you Laura, for your sweet comments...Y'ALL ARE OUR FAVORITE MISSIONARIES TOO! So glad that your water got fixed!!

Thanks for your GOOD EXAMPLE in obeying God and going to the mission field a year or so before we did. I know things have not always been easy...but we appreciate the lives you've touched for Jesus!! =)

Love y'all bunches, and please know that we are praying for y'all today.

Love, Heather =)

Toots said...

I just wanted to say, thinkin' of ya, prain' for ya, and enjoyin' your/Laura's yummy strawberry scone recipe! Thanks so much for posting it! It'll be on our continual rotation of favorite breakfast sweet-treats!
We used the cream and buttermilk and sweetened strawberries, boy, oh boy! Since my hubby won't eat much of any dessert without chocolate, I'll probably add white chocolate chips next time. However, he ate 2 yesterday and one today! They were a winner.

Tara said...


In my most humble opinion, this is the finest piece of work to come across your blog! What a beautifully well-written testimony to share with us.

Thanks for your open-ness and honesty. There are truths there to be found even for us who are NOT on a foreign field.

Blessings on you today!

Scott and Libby said...

I'm so glad I took the time to check the net today.(even if it runs me a little late :) ). We had a virus on our machine and haven't been able to get connected `~` for a while. I've really missed checking on my favorite family. I am so proud of you guys and pray for you daily (and sometimes all day).

Thanks for sharing your heart and the beautiful family pictures.

God Bless
Aunt Libby

Martha C said...

How beautiful! You have me crying again! :-)

Lavy Country said...

You are an inspiration! You are so right about being joyful and making the best of the path God has chosen for us. It is where we will be most happy!
Love, wl.

Connie Lavy said...

That was so beautifully put. The Lord is helping you. You are such an example for young women today. God Bless you and your family!
Love & Prayers,

Janet R. said...

Love Phil's shirt and the way you all match on your pic. :) Many thoughts and much love to you!!!

Kelly S said...

This post was beautiful Heather! Honestly, I have never felt sorry for you. Your attitude is amazing and I can tell you're making the best of your situation that you possibly can. Although I do worry about you! But it's my unfortunate personality to worry!

My family has come to admire you for your work, but especially your attitude.

It's so funny because at first my kids weren't sure what to think of Phil. They thought he was MEAN for dragging you there! But they have actually come to realize there REALLY IS a nice man behind all that hair! :) We love you and enjoy praying for you!

Kimberly said...

I enjoyed hearing your loving heart, Heather. And I know all the changes have been stressful (they always are, no matter how "right" the choice)...but i'm thankful for the truth that you share that we can choose to be joyful..and SO true that our attitudes set the tone of the home. And I must admit to being a bit jealous of your interesting travels and cultural experiences!!
(And I too love that amazing pic. Philip created for is definately more beautiful in person, but came acoss well here, too!)

Daryl Hausman said...

We love you all bunches! I agree 110% with what you said about the importance of our family. It's our first Mission Field. May God help us to not get too busy where we forsake the very ones God has entrusted to us. God bless and maybe we'll get to come visit y'all in Columbia some day.
Love Daryl

~Heather~ said...

Kelly, that was a sweet comment you put on my post! Yes, my hubby really is a nice guy! =)There were times that even HE didn't want to come to Colombia. Before he told me about us going to the mission field, he wept and prayed for a whole month, for he wanted to be sure it was GOD sending his precious family to DANGEROUS Colombia. For He knew that if it was God, He would not allow anything to happen to us, that was not His will. We soooo appreciate y'all's prayers! And it means a lot that your kids pray for us too.

When we were still in Costa Rica, my Kimberly made the comment to me, "Mommy, I wish our lives were MORE ADVENTUROUS!" HELP! I assured her that our lives were VERY adventurous, and that I really didn't think I could handle any more adventure! ;)
Have a wonderful day in Jesus,
Love ya, Heather =)

Les said...

There is a reason God chose your family for Columbia. What a positive attitude and role model for your children!

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